Essential Tips When Buying a Diesel Engine

When your diesel engine quits, your heart sinks, and you know you have a giant decision in front of you. Buying a good diesel engine takes knowledge and expertise.

How do you know what to buy? Do you go with the best deal? The most reputable company?

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll have a good idea of how to determine if you’ve found a great diesel engine.

Know What to Expect

Take time to compare costs. Know what a new and used diesel engine will typically cost by doing some cost comparison online. Look at several diesel engine companies to see what the average price is for an engine.

Then visit the local shops to see if their prices compare. Your knowledge of the range of prices will give you more negotiating power as well when it’s time to buy an engine.

You can also visit the Better Business Bureau to make sure the shop you’re working with knows their stuff and has good business practices.

Know Your Configuration

Not all diesel engines are alike. They come in several configurations such as the CAT C15, an industrial engine that does not work in a truck.

Know which engine works best for your particular diesel engine needs. Take time to learn about a caterpillar engine and other engines so you know which works best.

If you’re looking for a diesel engine for your truck or car, look for a small diesel engine. If you’re looking for an engine for a bigger piece of equipment, search for industrial engines.

Consult the manufacturer’s manual for whatever equipment needs the engine before you begin to shop.

Warranty Matters

A good diesel engine company will issue a warranty for your engine even before you ask for it. If the company you’re buying from does not offer a warranty, keep shopping.

A good engine warranty will last at least a year or longer. This means that if your engine breaks down within the first year of its use, the diesel engine company will replace it for free.

Test the Engine

A good diesel engine deal will let you test the engine you are buying. As you’re testing it, look for abnormalities such as the engine running with the ignition off, the engine making strange hissing or knocking noises, and the engine emitting an unpleasant odor.

Use your ears, nose, and eyes carefully as you test the engine. Examine it closely for diesel engine oil leaks as well.

Inspect the Parts

Take time to inspect the external condition of the engine. Look for worn hoses, worn check belts, and rusty heat exchangers. These indicate a negligent or fraudulent company, and you should walk away.

If a diesel engine company attempts to sell you an engine in poor repair, use online review sites to let others know about the company. Prevent others from purchasing faulty engines.

Pick the Best Diesel Engine

Do your homework the next time you need a new or used diesel engine. If you research the companies, do some cost comparison, and test the engine, you can move forward more confidently as you purchase this spendy part.

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