Effective Ways for Getting Rid of Fruitflies at Home

Fruit flies are a nuisance that can invade your home. Perhaps the most impressive thing about fruitflies is that their appearance tells you something about the topic you’re studying. Certain plants produce essential oils that attract fruit flies, and your aim should not only be to eliminate these fruitfly sources but also prevent them from entering your home.

Getting rid of fruitflies at home can be exhausting. While you don’t need to be an expert in this field, you do need to be aware of a certain protocol that you need to follow to get rid of these pesky fruitflies. Even if they’re outside or in the garage, don’t neglect the problem because it can ruin your garden. A single fruit fly can multiply into dozens in a short period of time. Let’s find out how to get rid of these fruit flies.

Common Fruit flies in the house:

European: These are one of the commonest types of fruit flies. This is probably because these fruit flies like to breed in moist and compact areas such as bathrooms. The reason why these fruit flies come indoors is that they develop in damp places such as roofs and drains.

These fruit flies feed on damp crops, so if you ever grow fruits such as tomatoes or apricots, make sure you check their drains and roof because damp is a very common source of these fruit flies.

Yellow: Usually, these fruit flies are bigger than the European fruit flies. They prefer higher ground and migrate to higher places during the rainy season.

Remedies for Getting Rid of Fruitflies at Home:

Below are some tips for getting rid of these fruit flies:

– Use First Flush Dandelions to Kill These Insects:

These flies seek food sources through dampness, and this also applies to drains that are clogged. You can get rid of these insects by spraying these flies with a solution of 10% first flush dandelions, and this mixture can be purchased from a garden supply store. This mixture also contains lime and vinegar, which stops the flies from breeding.

– Place a Copper Wire Coil in Drains:

: If you have a bathroom in your house that is prone to drain infections and fruit flies, then you should purchase a copper coil from your local hardware store. This coil is placed under the sink. It will prevent the fruit flies from breeding by stopping them from having access to food. These flies are lured to the coils when they fall into the drain.

– Place a Copper Wire Coil in the Kitchen:

You can also use copper coils in your kitchen and your pantry.

– Place Bowl with Lemon on Kitchen Counter:

If you have a kitchen that is always cluttered, then you can place lemons in a glass or bowl on the counter. The lemon is an attractive source of food for fruit flies and attracts them to it.

– Pay Attention to These Fruity Plants to Avoid Attracting Fruit Flies:

Plant herbs such as basil, rosemary, sage, and lavender in your garden. These herbs help to keep the flies away. However, do not overwater your plants because you will end up attracting more flies.

– Don’t Clean up Your Dishes Immediately:

 Many people forget to wash their dishes, but the fruit flies are attracted to rotting food. Therefore, it is important to stay on top of it.

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