Do You Know How Free Spins Work?


Free spins have recently become a staple of online casinos. They are offered as part of an incentive package for potential online casino players while some platforms offer them to loyal clients to reward them for their patronage. Free spins no deposit campaigns have also been used to increase access to casino games for those who prefer to play at the comfort of their homes or in the privacy of their own spaces.

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are motivational tactics used by online casinos to attract new players and reward loyal clients. One gets a chance to spin the reels without having to deposit any money. The beauty behind this format of advertising is that it appeals to the player’s worry of having to lose money learning how to spin. The player now has the opportunity to avert this disadvantage, giving him/her more confidence to place a wager.

However, the winnings from free spins cannot be withdrawn until a deposit has been made. This is the catch that comes with the welcome bonus of free spins. On the other hand, in-game free spins have the potential of making decent profits. Effectively, they increase the chances of a player to win.

Terms and Conditions Governing Free Spins

Listed below are a few of the terms players need to observe while playing free spins on the online casino platforms:

  1. Wagering Requirements

Players are required to bet their winning a few times before restrictions on withdrawal are lifted. 

  1. Time

Free spins have an expiration date on them. This encourages players to use the free spins in a timely manner.

  1. Bet Size

Online casinos retain the right to specify the maximum wager amount for a player using their free spins.

Types of Free Spins

Educating oneself on the different types of free spins will set out the strategy highlighting the best chances at converting these bonuses into real money. We will look at the most typical free spin offers online casinos offer:

  1. Free Spins No Deposit

Some casinos will allow access to free spins to a new player without requiring their account to be funded. Most players skim through a list of online casinos and choose only those that offer free spins no deposit. The ability to ‘get their feet wet’ is enough to get novices signed up once their free spins have been depleted. 

Players who have spent some time on the online platform are treated to a variety of bonuses through free spins. This not only keeps the player entertained and focused on the new games, but it’s a brilliant way for the platform to increase its revenue.

  1. No Wager Free Spins

Free spins offer a chance for a player to make profits without funding their account. However, most casinos restrict withdrawal of these winnings until a deposit is made. The wagering requirement is not present with these types of free spins. Touted as the future of online casinos, no wager free spins allow instant withdrawal of the player’s winnings. 

  1. Deposit Free Spins

Online casinos that offer deposit free spins offer them only after the player makes the minimum required deposit. For as low as a dollar, a player can access hundreds of free spins without any restrictions. For the player, these numerous chances offer massive potential rewards making this form of free spins quite attractive. 


A beginner’s best strategy is to understand the types of free spins and how they work. Make a list of all the online casinos that offer free spins. This is a good way to get started with playing your favourite casino games without the risk of losing money. Check out free spins no deposit for everything you need to know about casino spins. 

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