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DIY For Burst Pipes Before Calling Professional

Accidents are not your choice, but they do happen to all of us, and when accidents happen, they bring more challenges.

Take the example of several times your pipe bursts and messes your room and brings a lot of other challenges.

You are not alone in this problem. There are a whole lot of us facing the same problem. If taken care of can minimize the problem created by burst pipes in Adelaide.

Pipes and Burst

You are sitting in your room peacefully, and you hear strange noise, and you go like, No, not again!

You guess….

Yes, it’s your pipe that just bursts out and pours the water all over the place.

There can be many reasons for that to happen.

Reasons To Burst

There can be many reasons for burst pipes in Adelaide, but the most common ones are here.

Hot Summers

This happens a lot in summer as summer is its peak month the water demand rises. Due to this increase in the pressure and the heat testing your pipes, there are chances they burst up.

Cold Winters

Here is the science of water molecules enlarging in the water, which puts pressure on your pipe or in simple language after a summer when the cold water hits your pipes; it causes the pipes to contract and damage the weak part of the pipe.

Unexpected Reasons

These reasons can be any case, maybe doing some construction, something goes wrong, and you hit a pipe. These are all why your pipes burst, but you might ask what you can do for these reasons.

You can do simple things to reduce the damage before even calling a professional.

What You Can Do?

Here are a few simple things you can do before calling a professional

Stop The Water Supply

The first thing you do is switch off the home’s main water supply to stop water from flowing more and reaching the other rooms of the home.

Turn Off The Electricity Of The Room

Before you jump in to save your valuable things, first save yourself from a shock.

Switch off the main power of the home/room. Water directs the current. In other words, it’s a deadly combination. You do not want to be there for sure.

Take Your Important Things

After making sure you are safe now, it is time for your valuable things to be rescued. Take your stuff as soon as possible to ensure they do not get damaged.

Fix-It For A While

Locate the break and fix it with epoxy putty or with a pipe repair clamp before calling a professional on the site.

The Bottom Line

The bursting of pipes is common to all of us, and when it happens, it comes with a price. But the damage can be minimized by taking steps that you can do even before calling a professional. And if things just go out of hand, do not hesitate to call a professional. Designa Plumbing has the service 24/7 within 1 hour, and you can call a plumber right away.

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