What to do if the dishwasher does not wash well – How to fix it?

Like any other appliance, the dishwasher may need maintenance or repair. Find out why your dishwasher doesn’t wash well and learn how to fix it.

In a routine as busy as the one we live today, saving time becomes essential to be able to make the most of it. The dishwasher or dishwasher is a necessary appliance to fulfill this task, in addition to helping us with the tedium of having to wash the dishes daily. If you have doubts about why your dishwasher does not wash well, we recommend that you read this article and discover that most of these problems are easy to solve.


Your dishwasher does not wash well?

Tips for you to solve Although dishwashers are usually very efficient appliances, being in continuous contact with food scraps or water scale, they need maintenance or minimal repair to keep them working perfectly. Next, we are going to explain what problems you may have and how to solve them.

The dishwasher does not fill with water:

  • Make sure the water supply is on and there are no leaks between the hose that supplies the water and the dishwasher. 
  • Check that the hose is in perfect condition, that it is not kinked or clogged. This is the most common case if the dishwasher does not drain.  
  • Check that there is enough water pressure. If no water gets into the dishwasher, disconnect the part of the hose that hooks on the dishwasher and put it in a bucket. If you have good pressure, the problem is inside the appliance. 

The dishwasher does not start: 

  • Power supply: make sure the cables are properly connected to the outlet. Check that the fuses are not left in the fuse box. If you don’t know where they are, check the manual for your dishwasher. 
  • Door lock: if the door does not close properly or is broken, the dishwasher will probably not start and you will probably have to replace it. 
  • Wiring: Dishwasher wiring or door switch may be blown. If you do not know how to check it, choose to follow the manual of the appliance or consult with the professional dishwasher specialists
  • Timer or selector: Although not common, the switch may be broken and cause the appliance not to turn on. 

The dishwasher does not heat the water:

  • Check that the program is correctly selected and that a prewash program that does not usually use hot water is not selected. 
  • Check that the resistors have not stopped working. Generally, the appliance will warn of this on the dash, if so, it is best to contact a technician. 

The dishwasher does not dissolve the tablet: 

  • Check that the device works correctly. 
  • Let the water come out hot the water.
  • That the place where the soap is deposited opens.  
  • That there is good water pressure. 
  • That there is nothing obstructing the capsule compartment.
  • If the reason the dishwasher does not dissolve the tablet or any of the above, call a technician.

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Tips to keep in mind if your dishwasher does not wash well

If you wonder why my automatic washing machine works, but does not wash? We recommend that you take into account this list of tips that we leave below to avoid and solve different common problems that dishwashers can present.  

Glass with a whitish film: this can happen due to an excess of scale in the water. To solve this, we recommend that you soak the dishes in alcohol vinegar for 5 minutes. And so that it does not happen again, we recommend that you use the Sun brand that offers products that take care of your dishwasher and in particular salt, which guarantees an optimal softening of the water, effectively removing scale. 

Detergent comes out of the dishwasher: You are probably using the wrong amount of detergent. For this, we recommend that you use Sun Tablets 4 in 1 that offers you all the products for your dishwasher in 1, and also provides a reinforced formula giving extreme shine, greater cleaning power and additional protection. 

The dishwasher is overflowing with water – this is probably because the filter is clogged and the water is not draining as it should. Turn the handle on the bottom of the dishwasher and pull out the filter. Clean it with warm soapy water and a brush. 

Dirty dishes: if you think that your dishwasher is not working because the dishes are not completely clean, we recommend that you check that the dishwasher filter is clean. If the filter is in perfect condition, it could also be because the dishes are not properly accommodated inside the appliance and this prevents the water and detergent from reaching all the dishes. 

Cleaning appliances is all about a trick. You have to follow some tips while cleaning your dishwasher and other home appliances.

We hope these tips have been helpful if you are thinking that your dishwasher does not wash well. We leave this article for you to discover more tips for its use. And, if you recently bought a dishwasher, we recommend that you read how a dishwasher works to be able to use this appliance to the fullest.

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