Dehumidifier vs Air Purifier: What Are the Differences?

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Keeping everyone healthy and happy at the office isn’t an easy task. This is especially true during the winter when everyone works in close quarters. After all, cold weather creates dry skin and people tend to spread viruses through sneezing and physical contact.

One of the best ways to reduce occurrences of the flu and the common cold is by controlling the air quality when it’s chilly outside. 

Should you invest in a dehumidifier or an air purifier? Here we take a look at the differences between a dehumidifier vs air purifier so you can decide which is the best choice for your office. Keep reading this air purifier guide to learn more. 

The Basics of Air Quality

Let’s start by discussing why air quality tends to be so much worse during the winter months. The simple truth is that cold, dry air traps more pollution than warm air. This makes it far more toxic when you breathe it or it comes into contact with your skin.

It’s also worth noting that heated air during the winter causes dry skin.

The Pros of Buying a Dehumidifier

The purpose of a dehumidifier is to pull moisture from the air. This helps lower the room’s humidity levels. A dehumidifier also reduces the number of allergies in the air and helps eliminate damp, musty odors. One of the best ways to reduce occurrences of the flu and the common cold is by controlling the air quality when it’s chilly outside. 

Placing a dehumidifier in the office is a great way to remove dust mites, mildew, and mold.

The Cons of Buying a Dehumidifier

Sometimes dehumidifiers can be loud. That’s why you need to make sure to buy one that runs as quietly as possible. And running a dehumidifier 24 hours a day will increase your energy bill.

The Pros of Buying an Air Purifier

What is an air purifier? This is an appliance that cleans the air in your home or office.

The biggest benefit of using an air purifier is the fact that it will make the air in your work environment safer to breathe. 

Here’s a great resource where you can view air purifier for business.

The Cons of Buying an Air Purifier

There are a couple of minor drawbacks to using an air purifier at the office. First, you’ll need to replace the filter frequently. Secondly, while an air purifier will remove toxins from the air, most filters aren’t able to remove foul odors.

Buying a Dehumidifier vs Air Purifier for the Office

It’s no secret that winter is the time of year when people tend to get the sniffles and dry skin at work. Fortunately, this guide to the differences between a dehumidifier vs air purifier will help everyone at the office feel great no matter what month it happens to be.

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