Deciding Which Montessori Preschool Is Right For You

Sending your child to the Montessori preschool in daycare in College Station, TX is one of the great decisions by any parent. Montessori preschools provide a growing environment to the child, learning at their own pace. But, will you send your child to a preschool without inspecting it?

Well, this is not a good decision for sure. For any parent, it is important to know that they can’t go to any preschool randomly. It is so because many preschools claim to be good Montessori preschools but fail in the end. Therefore, choosing the right preschool is important for you. Before selecting any Montessori, inspect the following things about the preschool:

1. Classroom Observation

Visit the classroom of the Montessori preschool. It is important that your child is learning things in a clean and organized preschool. Observe the atmosphere of the classroom. 

Is the classroom encouraging enough for your child? Is the classroom too competitive for your child? It is necessary to observe these things because they can directly affect your child’s learning.

2. Distance Between Your Home or Work to Preschool

This is one of the most important deciding factors for many parents. Ideally, the Montessori day care for your child should be near to your home or workplace. This will help you to reach school early and to have a less hectic life. If your child’s preschool is near to your workplace, then it becomes easy for you to pick the child up quickly.

3. Trained Faculty

Handling kids at a young age is not an easy task. Therefore, you need to determine the certification of the faculty of the preschool. Ideally, the concerned faculty should have AMS or AMI certified. 

Southwood Learning is among those schools that have certified teachers. You can also consider the NAMC certified teachers. However, it would be a cherry on the cake if the school itself is AMS or AMI certified. 

4. Students Age in the Classroom

Ideally, a Montessori preschool classroom should comprise toddlers aged between 18 months to 3 years. However, having a mixed-age classroom can benefit your child. A young child can learn different things from the older ones. This is how students can get benefitted. It is always wise to teach your child the art of socializing from a young age. Hence, studying with students belonging to various age groups can help your kid immensely. 

5. Believe Your Instincts

While observing the classroom and preschool, feel the atmosphere and believe your instincts. Your instincts are important for your child’s future. Are you getting any positive vibes from the school? Do the teachers behave politely enough? Is the environment safe for your kid? Judge your instincts and then take a decision.


Montessori Preschool is the first school experience for any kid. Any parent needs to send the child to an encouraging, growing, and safe day care school. Southwood Learning is among the most preferred preschools by American parents because of the certified teachers and the safe environment. 

Therefore, if you are also deciding on any preschool for your child, then do follow the above tips to give the right school to your child.

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