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Debunking the Latest and Best Web Development Myths That Exist Today

About 29% of small and mid-sized businesses don’t have a website in 2021. They’re missing out on leads and customers can’t connect with them online.

Small business owners don’t think that they’re necessary or they’re too expensive. They bought into one of the top web development myths that prevent businesses from growing.

What are the other web development myths that are holding your business back? Keep reading to learn the best web development myths and how you can develop a great website.

1. You Can Do Web Development Yourself

There are so many tools that make web development easy. One-click installation tools, templates, and plugins couldn’t make things easier.

However, those things don’t always fit your needs. If you want to customize your site, you don’t want to do it yourself. Hire the best web developer you can.

2. Any Web Developer Will Do

Speaking of hiring web developers, you don’t want to hire a cheap, unknown developer in a faraway land. You don’t need to hire a local developer, but you need to make sure they have the experience to do the job.

There are some questions to ask web developer. This lets you interview and compare several developers to find the best one for your needs.

3. You Just Need a Home Page That Looks Good

Do you think that people are just going to visit your home page so the rest of the site doesn’t matter? That’s like inviting people to your home and shoving your garbage and clutter in the closets.

When someone opens the closet door, everything will come crashing down. That leaves people with the wrong impression about your home.

Don’t treat your website the same way. People will check out other pages of your site. Any issues with the user experience will result in people leaving your site without returning.

4. You Can Forget About Your Site When It’s Done

One of the best website development myths is that your website is a static object. Once it’s built, you can forget about it and move on to other things.

Your website needs regular maintenance and updates. Leave your site as-is and you’re likely to fall victim to a cyber attack.

5. You Don’t Need SEO

SEO is an important part of the web development process. The website structure, navigation, and code have an enormous impact on your ability to get found in search engines.

This doesn’t get put off until after the website gets built. The developer focuses on SEO from the very beginning of the project.

Don’t Believe the Best Web Development Myths

There are a lot of myths around web development. Don’t let the best web development myths get in the way of growing your business. It’s important to have a website so they can find your business online.

Did you enjoy learning about the web development process? You’ll get a lot out of the other articles on the blog. Check them out today!

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