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Creating a Hygge Home: Everything You Need to Know About This Cozy Lifestyle Trend

Forget cottagecore. Hygge is in.

We’re talking about having a home that allows you to relax with the people in your life, replete with the accouterments to enjoy a cozy dinner with your dogs and your loved ones. The hygge home allows you to snuggle into several blankets and pillows (Squishmallows, anyone) while putting on Pride and Prejudice.

A home that, for all intents and purposes, looks, feels, and even sounds like home. This trend is not one you want to miss. It’s the ultimate in creating a beautiful dwelling for yourself and your loved ones.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about when we talk about hygge, then read on.

What Is Hygge?

In America, hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) has become associated with consumerism and its association with specific designs and products.

We’re here to tell you that that’s not what it’s really about. Danes use “hygge” to refer to a mood created by your environment and your actions.

So, for example, a relaxed, easygoing dinner with cherished family would be “hygge.” But, on the other hand, a rug—in and of itself—would not be.

Hygge is all about filling your home with furniture and tools you love, enabling you to create and live the life you love.

You don’t need to buy a specific lamp for hygge. You need a lamp that fills you with joy and brings a cozy and warm atmosphere to your interactions within the space.

How to Create a Hygge Home

All this being said, how does one actually go about creating a hygge home?

A sense of coziness is definitely a factor, but it should be about blocking out spaces for interaction with the people in your life. This means there are lots of surfaces to sit on, and the vibe is the direct opposite of austere and uninviting.

We said hygge isn’t about acquiring trendy lamps, but it is about soft lighting and mood lighting. Do you want your precious dinners with your grandparents to be illuminated by harsh overhead lighting or the soft glow from various ambient lights around the house like candles?

The furniture you use in the spirit of hygge is all about what reminds you to slow down, enjoy life, and make the most of what you have with the people in your life.

Hygge Decor Ideas

Here are some decor ideas. Remember, it’s not about the items in themselves, but the actions and interactions they enable that enrich your life.

  • A plush bed with soft, clean sheets that invites you to sleep just a bit longer
  • Bookshelves filled with books that can enrich your mind as well as your guests’
  • A lot of seating for friends and family
  • An excellent quality speaker to play mood-setting music
  • Even fires in the background can bring warmth to the colder days

Find Your Hygge Now

A hygge home isn’t about material possessions. It’s about creating a living environment for yourself that invites you to make warm memories with those you love. It’s the long-lasting feeling of home.

We invite you to read more about similar decoration ideas in our lifestyle section.


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