Corporate Event Production: The What, Why, and How!

Are you planning on hosting a large event for your company?

Do you want this event to promote your brand to a wide audience? Perhaps you’d like to record the event for posterity?

Corporate event production is a great way to elevate your brand to the next level and establish it as an authority in your city. But how do you get started with this challenging feat?

This guide will show you how corporate event production works and how to get started.

Here’s what you need to know:

How Corporate Event Production Is Different

So what makes corporate event production different from a standard company event?

With corporate event production, you’ll put on a show that represents your brand. You’ll focus on entertainment first and subtly promote your brand through a show.

In many cases, you’ll record the event for worldwide audiences to see and stream online.

So what should you know to succeed with corporate event production?

Basic Steps

The first step is to create a plan for your corporate event. Corporate event management often takes at least 2-4 months of brainstorming before production begins.

You should read about a production cue sheet to learn how to organize the pre-production and production stages of your event.

Once you’ve conceptualized an idea for your event you want to choose a location. You should reserve at least two locations in case one venue has to cancel at the last minute.

Next, you need to determine the logistics for the event. You want to coordinate when event staff will show up to begin preparing for the event. You’ll then assign them an itinerary for tasks before, during, and after the event.

The final step is to hire staff to work on audio and visual tasks. They’ll film the event and record audio while filming. They’ll also work to edit the final film and post it online.

Best Practices

Let’s wrap up by looking at some of the best practices you’ll need to get started with successful corporate event production.

You want to start marketing the event as soon as you’ve reserved your venue. This gives your guests ample time to prepare and free their schedules to attend. At worst, you should inform them one month before the event begins.

Make sure you always provide basic food and refreshments at the event. This ensures that guests are comfortable and stay for the whole event.

It’s also advisable to have security measures on-site. Many guests might not wish to attend if their safety isn’t guaranteed.

Plan Your Event

Now that you know how corporate event production works you can start planning your upcoming event.

You want to start by planning the theme of the event and how it’ll promote your brand. You should use a cue sheet to organize the itinerary of your event.

Make sure you hire the right staff to handle the logistics, production, and recording of the event. Follow our best practices to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

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