CoolSculpting Cost: 3 Things You Need To Know

Cosmetic beauty treatments are no longer the closely-guarded secret of Hollywood celebrities. The pandemic has fuelled demand, and by 2027, the cosmetic market will grow over 50%

One in-demand treatment at the moment is coolsculpting, a targeted fat removal treatment. It’s loved by those who want that perfect hourglass shape but struggle with stubborn fat areas even after diet and exercise.

But what do you need to know about the coolsculpting cost of treatment? Is it affordable? Here are three things to consider. 

1. Your Coolsculpting Cost Depends on the Treatment Area

The practitioner will apply cool gel pads to the skin during the procedure and use a suction device. The device is a small handheld machine that the beautician will place bit by bit on the face after applying the cooling treatment. 

However, because the beautician applies the cooling treatment across the skin, the surface area you target for treatment will determine the price you pay. The bigger the size, the more your treatment will cost.

You can choose to phase your treatment to help manage the cost. If you have one troublesome area that you want to target first, you could get treatment for that and then return at a later date for additional skin areas.

Coolsculpting is gentle, safe, and painless. So there isn’t a risk to you if you prefer splitting your treatment across multiple dates to help manage the costs.

Alternatively, you can find a coolsculpting provider who will offer payment plans. You can get the treatment done during one visit and spread the costs over several, more manageable months.  

2. There Are No Expensive Pre-Medical Requirements

Some more invasive cosmetic treatments require local or general anesthetic. Others require injections. Since there are risks involved in such treatments, many providers carry out a pre-medical assessment beforehand.

Those pre-medical assessments cost time and money as they need to be done by a professional. So you often have to add that cost to the treatment. 

With coolsculpting, there are no needles or general anesthetic requirements, so medical costs are minimal.

You get coolsculpting treatment as a day patient, and it typically takes between one and three hours. So you won’t need to pay for an overnight stay to recover afterward. 

3. It Costs the Same as Liposuction 

Coolsculpting is a less invasive treatment than the more traditional fat-removal liposuction method. 

The extremely low temperature of the coolsculpting treatment will create microscopic frozen crystals inside your fat cells that slowly die away. This entire process has a technical name: cryolipolysis.

Both treatments tend to cost approximately the same price when compared side by side. So you’ll get equally effective results as liposuction at a similar cost but with a more straightforward treatment. 

Ensure you allow yourself time to find the best provider at the right price. Remember to review their coolsculpting before and after photos. Here is a complete guide to finding coolsculpting providers in your area. 

Shop Around for the Most Affordable Cost

Don’t spend your money on uncomfortable shaping underwear to get your desired silhouette. Coolsculpting is a modern and easy fat-targeting solution. There is a coolsculpting cost that will be affordable for most beauty budgets. 

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