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Common Air Conditioning Problems You Should Know About

Air conditioning repairs are expensive affairs, so abiding by the “a stitch in time saves nine” rule is profitable. This idiom here means regular maintenance and check-ups can increase your Air conditioner’s performance. 

For regular AC supervision hiring an expert is what you need. Search Real Cool Industries and get all your queries answered in one go. Every household is bothered with high AC repair costs, and to end this, we have come up with some basic AC-related issues and their probable solutions. 

AC isn’t working 

If the AC isn’t turning on, look for the batteries in the thermostat. If batteries are dead, replace them with new ones. Still, the issue persists; look onto the thermostat setting and see if the cooling feature is on at your desired temperature. If there is no fault there, then it might occur due to a circuit trip and might need switching on & off the main switch for turning on AC.

AC’s exterior component freezing

Many trigger points lead to freezing AC units. However, inadequate air circulation and low coolant points are the common reasons. Sometimes lower temperatures outside can even freeze the exterior unit. 

Even blower motor issues and clasped contractors can collapse your AC at once. 

AC is making weird sounds

Air conditioners can sound different depending on the issue it has. So always pay attention to any sound coming out of the AC. Look at the reasons why your AC units sound weird! 

  • Your AC has a relay issue if you hear a clicking clatter while you turn it on or off. 
  • If the problem lies in the compressor or motor, a screeching sound will make you aware. 
  • A hissing pitch is an indication of refrigerant leakage. 
  • Impaired electric elements create a buzzing tone 
  • Sudden thumping specifies issues in the blower or motor system

AC not blasting cold air 

Sometimes even a dirty air filter can stop cold airflow. It can freeze the condenser unit and restrict the performance of the AC. To avoid this, make sure you change the air filter every month. 

If your AC is ceasing to function more often, maybe it’s maintenance time. Search Air conditioning mounts cotton and ends your worries. 

Water leaking out from AC unit

On a hot summer day, water seeping out from the AC unit isn’t a threat. Even water leaking at a temp of 60° or less is considered fine. But water oozing out every day is not normal. There are many reasons for this, incorrect installation, low coolant, clogged drainpipe, just to name a few. 

Refrigerant leakage

If the coolant of the AC starts dripping, it will mess with the temperature setting. Coolant leakage can increase power consumption offering poor efficiency. In some c, as it can damage the compressor leading to freezing of the coil. 

Final Words

The Real cool industries are the best air conditioning experts in Brisbane. They offer quality installation and maintenance services. Watch out for the problems and take maintenance seriously to avoid getting hefty penalties. 

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