Best Air Conditioner Brands of 2021

The last couple of years has seen many innovative cooling systems for homes, particularly from brands like the Mitsubishi heavy industries air conditioner. Many of these brands perfectly blend wireless control of air conditioning and heating units.

No longer must you walk to your thermostat to change the temperature. In some cases, you might not even need to use a thermostat at all. ACs have become computerized, able to fine-tune your home’s temperature in ways that were once thought impossible. However, certain brands earn high marks over others for durability, features, and low power consumption. This certainly isn’t the limit to what the following brands will offer you. Read below to see if your favorites have made the list.

1. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi Heavy is affiliated with the larger Mitsubishi brand, yet operates completely outside of the well-known vehicle product. The company builds heavy-duty air conditioners of many kinds, for businesses, residential, and commercial establishments. One of their signature pieces is the Inverter series, a selection of split ACs that are powerful and made to last for years with minimal maintenance over the years that they’re used in a home setting.

Within this exists the Avanti and Bronte-edition cooling systems, each with different kilowatts made to conform to homes of varied sizes. They’re easy to place in areas that other heavier AC systems would have difficulty installing and can withstand the brunt of arid, wet, dry, and freezing weather. With an MHIAA warranty, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is highly recommended to people that want to assure long-lasting cooling power that’s easy to clean and keep in shape by the owner themselves.

2. Samsung

Samsung is no stranger to air conditioning. Their split systems are wall-mountable and punch out cool air at a consistent pace. Like Mitsubishi, their selection of split ACs changes according to kilowatts. Customers can find systems ranging from 2.5 kW TO 9.0 kW.

But that’s not all. Samsung’s ACs act as a dehumidifier, transferring moisture into the air that gets drier as it works. Additionally, Most Samsung units, including their split systems, harbor built-in antibacterial finishes on the filter pieces that trap in harmful particulates so they don’t pass into the air that you’re breaking.

3. Fujitsu

Fujitsu also builds wall-mounted split systems. Their sizes change, with some units being better for small apartments and others strong enough to keep a larger home cooled. Their very energy efficient and every product made by the company is within compliance with Demand Response, a PJM program that’s meant for users to lower the electrical costs associated with running cooling systems during the warm months of the year.

With Fujitsu, customers are ensured to improve their monthly savings on power consumption. All systems are developed with odor-resistant parts with a far-reaching travel distance for the air in the highest settings.

Split systems are a great investment for people in units and homes alike. Mitsubishi is the recommended place to start but there are plenty of other brands with excellent cooling power as well. Energy savings are a fad that’ll continue into perpetuity, so use it to your advantage and get your next AC unit from a place that you can trust.

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