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Choosing an Experienced Solar Installer

There’s never been a better time to purchase solar panels than now. Record inflation levels in 2022 caused several people’s electric bills to skyrocket. Finding a way to reduce or eliminate this bill could benefit several families.

Fortunately, the previous decade saw unparalleled advances in solar technology. The 2010s produced the cheapest and most efficient solar panel systems in existence. The systems can drastically reduce your electric bills.

However, solar panels don’t fall from the sky. Instead, homeowners must find a solar installer they can trust to perform their solar panel installation. The question is, how can you find the best solar company for the job?

That’s the question we’ll answer in this article. Discover the best tips for finding a solar panel provider below!

How Long Has This Solar Installer Been in Business?

The first question to ask is how much experience this installer has. You may think this doesn’t matter much. After all, isn’t it enough that an installer knows how to install a system?

Theoretically, this notion could be true. In practice, though, solar panel installers frequently face occupational challenges.

For example, your roof may have a shape that’s unaccommodating to solar panels. Or, you may live in a climate that makes panels inefficient for several days.

Solar panel installers with experience can help you navigate these issues. They have the best techniques and supplemental tools to help you get the most out of your panels.

Gather Quotes From Multiple Installers

This practice can help you find a solar panel provider with rates that fit your budget. Remember, solar panels come in several brands. Likewise, providers may charge varying rates for labor or warranties.

So, how can you find competitive rates that fit your budget? One option is to ask about the cost-per-watt for this installation. You can also find solar panel providers who offer a flat rate for their services.

Most solar panel companies also schedule an appointment to visit your home. This visit helps them gather the information they need to estimate a rate for your house. This consultation provides an excellent opportunity to ask about other factors.

Questions to Ask Your Solar Installer

When solar installers visit your home, you have an opportunity to ask about several considerations. First, check their credentials. Ensure they have the permits required by your city and state.

Then, ask if they provide a warranty for their solar panel installation. If so, what does this coverage apply to?

Next, ask if they’ve performed a residential solar installation near you. This question provides an opportunity to ask about your climate’s effect on solar panels. This information can help confirm if solar is a worthwhile investment for your home.

Find the Best Solar Installer for Your Home

As you can see, several factors affect what solar installer you should choose. So, look for a solar panel provider that offers the best answers to this question.

Does this installer have experience working on homes like yours? Are their rates competitive enough to fit your budget? Finally, do they offer the amenities you need from your solar panels?

If so, excellent! You may have found the best solar panel provider for your home.

We hope you enjoyed this article! We strive to provide content that improves our readers’ quality of life. Check out our other content today to find more helpful information.


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