How to Choose The Right Color of Boxing Gloves?

Does boxing glove color matter? And what are the best color boxing gloves? Whether or not the color of your boxing gloves matter depends on what you need them for. While boxing gloves come in various colors and combinations, some colors are specific to different types of gloves and their uses. 

Infinitude Fight experts have created a guide to explain the boxing gloves colors and the meaning behind them, so stay tuned.

Boxing Gloves for Training

Ideally, if you are using the boxing gloves only for training, then it won’t matter much what your gloves look like or what their color is. The choice is totally up to you here.

Want a pair of neon color gloves? – Why not! 

A blood print design across the gloves? Yes, please! 


The bright yellow glove with a winking smiley face? – If you find them, grab them. 

The best thing about the training boxing gloves, or any boxing gloves for that matter, is the incredible design possibilities. Many brands stay with a safe, sleek, mature design, but some of the brands do create gloves with all sorts of design and visuals, like Infinitude Fight.

Customized Boxing Gloves 

Just head over to Infinitude Fight customizer and design your own gloves in a jiffy. The possibilities here are endless; make your own choice for the color of the leather. Want a favorite quotation written on your customized boxing gloves? Be our guest. 

Whether a picture, a logo, boxing club names or logos, or a meme, with the innovative customizer, you could do it all. 

Many professional boxers buy boxing gloves that are personalized, specifically crafted for them, and are just the way they want them to be. Boxing gloves customization is that vast and powerful. 

Yes, the boxing gloves price factor for customized gloves is a bit higher than mass-produced gloves, but as it is obvious that mass-produced gloves are mainly of poorer quality. 

Boxing Gloves for Amateur Fighting

The restrictions with the boxing gloves color come when it comes to competitions. Competitions usually are pretty strict when it comes to boxing gloves in general. The interclub matches are not an issue, but it is quite common for the organizations to provide the gloves themselves in proper amateur competitions.

This is done to make sure that the boxing gloves are fair and are of the same density for both fighters. Mainly such gloves will include a pair of red gloves and a pair of blue gloves. This is to be able to quickly tell the difference between each of the fighters, making judging the fight easier. 

Many of us might have noticed that often there are circles in white on the knuckles of the boxing gloves. These are important to make the punches more visible and easier to keep track of, making the fight scoring process much more hassle-free. 

Boxing Gloves for Professional Fighting

Professional fighting does not always follow the same rules; still, there are some regulations and rules in place. Dependent on the organization, they might have a partnership with a glove brand that will supply all the gloves to be used in the competitions. 

While some organizations have long-term partnerships and do not deviate from the type of gloves they use in their fights, some organizations might allow a bit of freedom with their gloves. It is important to know those agreements can be made for both fighters to use the same model of gloves. 

Why are boxing gloves red? 

A section of enthusiasts seems to believe that using red color boxing gloves will earn them some kind of edge over their opponent as red is a more complex color for humans to detect. 

The statement scientifically might have some truth behind it. The reality is that you won’t notice any differences. 

If your opponent is more capable and skilled than you are, then no color of the boxing gloves will help you. The only way to improve your chances of winning is to stop looking for cheats or way around and start focusing on training – as hard as you can.  Improving your game and being the most refined version of yourself is your best bet.

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