Can Hyperbaric Therapy in London Work Wonders for Spine Healing

Generally used to cure decompression sickness, a hyperbaric chamber in London is used for accelerating wound healing once a spine surgery may take place. In addition to this, it also works wonders for curing spinal cord injuries whether it is severe or not. 

The treatment of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one where highly pressurized oxygen is used by the doctor in a chamber. Apart from scuba diving issues and radiation therapy, HBOT is also used to help patients experiencing spine surgery.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Spine Surgery

Medical conditions that are below mentioned are also treated by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Take a look.

●      Decompression illness

●      Gas bubbles

●      Air bubbles

●      Severe anemia

●      Bone inflammation

●      Necrotizing infections

Apart from these medical conditions, it is said that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is also used by professionals for spinal injuries.

According to the studies done by experts, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a promising treatment for spinal injuries. Studies were done between 2014 and 2016 and it was found that numerous patients recovered from spinal injuries because of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in London. A patient had access to benefits, including lessening secondary spinal injury, enhancing spinal cord cell health, and recovering motor function. However, all of these benefits need expert research, doctors have confirmed that patients get to enjoy the same.

How do you prepare yourself for the therapy?

There is some sort of guidelines the patient has to follow when inside the chamber for the therapy. It is imperative to follow them to enjoy the benefits. In addition, if you want to experience a successful procedure, following the guidelines is mandatory. Mentioned below are them.

●      If you are opting for the therapy, make sure not to consume alcohol.

●      Quit smoking if you do so before the therapy.

●      Make sure not to wear any wig, jewelry, makeup, and deodorant.

●      Avoid consuming heavy meals before the therapy.

Also, make sure that the staff members know about the following:

●      If you are suffering from a sinus infection or an ear issue, flu, or cold, let the doctor know.

●      Let the expert know if you are pregnant.

●      Do not go for the empty stomach treatment.

How to find a reliable medical setting for HBOT?

If you explore the internet, you will find endless medical settings that provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy. However, selecting the most suited one should be your motive. Let’s say you have selected one medical setting. Now it is your responsibility to explore their website and check the type of services they provide. In addition to this, you can also examine the reviews/testimonials if available. Customer reviews will always allow you to make an informed decision.

Next, you should also ask for referrals from your near and dear ones. If they have ever been to a medical setting, ask them to share their experience with you. How was the service? What was the outcome? Was the price reasonable? Was the staff friendly? Such questions will allow you to select the best medical setting offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy in London.

Author: Siddhi Chothani

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