Can Animated Video Explainers Help Businesses In A Pandemic World?

Perhaps, at invention, the animated video explainer was not given a thought that it could be futuristic, which it is turning out to be now.

The animation video production might have evolved – when it did – well over a hundred years ago as a child of necessity. But was it seen, then, as a phenomenon that could dictate how well business fares in the 21st century, with prospects of remaining, indeed, a major player in years or decades to come? 

Cisco, in its annual report, has underlined a major role video will play in the coming year. According to the information technology and networking company, 82% of traffic on the internet in 2022 will be driven by video. 

The video explainer is an online marketing video that projects your (company’s) products and services to consumers with the latter expected to take an action thereafter. It is also variously known as conversion video, homepage video, or overview video.

The centrality of the video explainer to the realization of this projection is hinged on the fact that video explainers are always short. However, the shortness of a good explainer video production does not deprive it of quality to pass the message. 

The prompt and effective video explainer can be as short as 30 seconds. It may however be as long as three minutes or more. The engagement level of your video explainer comes with the social media platform you have chosen to post the video explainer. In plain language, the social media platform you choose must be high-traffic-driven.

Techniques for making a quality video explainer 

When you know that not all video explainers are effective as the others, then you realize the need to be strategic to achieve the desired results. The points listed below could guide you to hit the bull’s eye.

  • You must identify a problem: Necessity is the mother of invention and so when there is no problem to be solved, there is no need for a solution. 
  • Present the solution your product or service offers: Your video explainer will emphasise the improvement in your product or service.
  • Explain your product or service’s cutting-edge: This is your unique selling point.
  • Get customers to affirm your product or service: A strong quote or voice message from a customer will reach out to other undecided customers.
  • Gear up your customers to take action.

2D or 3D?

Your video explainer can either be 2D or 3D. The ‘D’ added to these stands for ‘dimensions’ or ‘dimensional’, depending on whether the concept is being used as a noun or an adjective. Your perception, technicality, and your budget determine the choice between 2D or 3D when producing a video explainer.

The two dimensions (2D) video explainer is the type of video produced with motion images of two dimensions, usually in a digital environment. Two dimensions video explainer presents the brand as user-friendly, thus creating a strong tie with clients. In essence, this keeps your clients engaged longer with the video explainer.

While the 2D video explainer is more traditional, the three dimensions (3D) video is more innovative. The three dimensions video explainer impresses on its viewers the illusion of movement of characters and objects in a three-dimensional environment. The 3D animation video explainer is more complex and costs more to produce than the 2D animation video explainer.

Australia’s video explainer industry 

Video explainer is not new to Australia going by antecedents. 

The largest single animation festival has always been held in Melbourne since 2001. This annual festival features the showing of films from different countries. It is also a convergence point for local and foreign guest artists and visiting Melbourne animators and non-Australian animators.

The picture is similar at the Sydney International Animation Festival where the event centers on accomplishments and the variegated forms of animation over the years.

In 2006, Australia recorded a landmark feat when a full-length animation feature – the first of its kind by Australians were co-produced. Before then, all Australia could only boast were productions usually syndicated across the country.

More remarkably, in 2018, an all-animation issue-based website listed Brisbane, among the 20 cities worldwide where animation and gaming are thriving the most. Brisbane was placed thirteenth on the list. Brisbane’s global popularity in the animation industry comes with its long list of prominent animation studios.

The foregoing are indices indicating how deep animation has taken roots in Australia.

Animated video explainers in a pandemic world

When Frenchman Charles-Emille Reynaud came up with the first animated film in 1887, the need for it must have been very limited, compared to today’s world. 

Reynaud’s invention must have served a purpose during his time, but the relevance and importance of animated video explainers as a solution to multiple challenges today are glaring.

The World Health Organisation (WHO)’s declaration of the coronavirus as a pandemic in 2020 compelled a change in human orientation across businesses and concerns. Coronavirus (COVID-19) had broken out in Wuhan, China, late in 2019 and soon after, the infectious disease had spread almost around the world.

The situation necessitated lockdown in countries of the world with private and public institutions having to be shut down. Businesses and other concerns too were largely affected following restrictions on human movement.

Technology became a major means of survival during the lockdown with animated video explainers featuring more prominently in businesses. The leverage of animated video explainers in the business world leaves no doubt that it is the mainstay of a pandemic world.

Reasons abound.

  • With more of the world’s adult population possessing at least an android mobile device, animated video explainers will continue to impact businesses.
  • Animated video explainers are the backbone of virtual marketing outlets.
  • COVID-19 has not been eradicated; the virus has only been mutating. With the latest omicron strain and absolute human freedom yet to be assured, animated video explainers to gauge products and services will continue to be relevant.  
  • The world and by extension, businesses are more competitive now, so making a difference would depend on exploring a highly digital tool. The phrase ‘good wine needs no bush’ is not relevant to this age and so businesses cannot relent on strategies for survival. 
  • Entertainment is a core aspect of today’s world so it is only ideal and strategic to explore performance marketing like the animated video explainers to reach the target audience.
  • Animated video explainer is a child of necessity; it has come to stay. Consequently, the animated video explainers would continue to be relevant.

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