Calculating The Cost: What To Consider When Budgeting For Storm Shutters

Storm shutters are eyesores to many homesteaders residing in hurricane, tornado or severe storm prone areas. They offer defense against moving debris and strong winds which can damage the property. 

Nevertheless, when budgeting for storm shutters, one should not only consider the initial costs of acquisition. Many things need to be taken into consideration so that you make an informed decision. Let’s have a look at what you should consider when budgeting for the storm shutters.

1. Types Of Storm Shutters

The market offers diverse types of hurricane shutters with each having its own distinctive features and advantages such as accordion and roll-down ones or Bahama and colonial styles amongst others.

Another alternative is panel shutters that are made either from steel or aluminum; they differ in terms of installation requirements as well as costs which everyone who intends to budget for storm protection must know.

2. Size And Quantity

Windows and doors dimensions within your home will have a great impact on the overall cost of storm shutters. 

Larger windows or sliding glass doors will require more extensive shutters, while smaller windows may only need standard-sized ones. Make sure to measure each opening accurately to estimate the amount of material needed.

3. Material And Quality

There are several materials from which hurricane panels can be made – some include aluminum, steel, wood or even vinyl; this choice will determine both initial cost as well as long-term maintenance demands if any exist. 

While aluminum and steel shutters tend to last longer without needing much care, their prices stand tall compared to those other options like wood that require regular maintenance over time.

Storm Shutters

4. Installation Costs

Consider professional versus DIY installation costs? Although installing them yourself might seem cheaper in the beginning but if not properly installed they may fail during storms leading to costly repairs later on.

Having a professional install them ensures proper fitting and adherence to building codes but it increases your overall budget.

5. Additional Features

Some storm shutters come with extra features like motorization, remote controls, or having impact-resistant coatings. 

Though these may raise the initial cost of installing them, they can also make using lids more convenient and improve their performance during hurricanes.

6. Maintenance And Repairs

This will involve considering routine maintenance costs and potential future repairs before purchasing storm shutters. To ensure smooth working of your shutters for quite some time, you may need to have them cleaned regularly as well as lubricate them.

Also consider the warranty coverage and associated costs for repairs or replacements in case of damage.

7. Insurance Premiums

Installing storm shutters could potentially reduce your home insurance premiums. Check with your insurance provider to see if they offer discounts for storm-resistant features and calculate any possible savings when budgeting for your shutters.

8. Long-Term Value

The long-term value that comes with protecting one’s home and belongings from storms cannot be measured against the starting cost of any hurricane window shutter options though at that moment it might appear significant.

Quality shutter installations can save money on repairs and insurance claims in the long run.

9. Regulatory Compliance

Make sure to study local building codes prior to buying any hurricane panels thus ensuring compliance therewith in relation to their installation requirements within certain jurisdictions; whether a product is compliant depends on where it is being used – however, there are no restrictions except safety ones here.

Failure to adhere to these ordinances may lead to levies or require costly adjustments. This includes considering any added expenses associated with compliance costs when budgeting for your storm shutters.

10. Energy Efficiency

Besides the protective advantages, think about potential energy savings that could come from having these storm shutters. Quality storm panels will assist in insulating your home, leading to reduced heat transfer and a better overall energy efficiency. 

This can result in reduced heating and cooling expenses per annum consequently yielding long-term savings as well as boosting your investment worth as well. 

In order to assess their cost-effectiveness, consider the potential energy savings over time when you are budgeting for storm shutters.


To budget for hurricane shutters entails taking into account such factors as the type of shutters, size and number, material quality, installation expenses, additional features, upkeep and repair costs, insurance premiums and long-term value. 

By weighing these factors appropriately estimating the costs you can make an informed decision on whether or not your home is ready for severe weather events. 

Investment in hurricane proof windows protects not just property but also peace of mind.

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