Business 101: An Overview of Management Duties

You’ll need world-class management skills to recruit and retain the brightest and the best for your business this year. The job market is buoyant, and talented people have many opportunities. 

It’s worth taking a step back and revisiting your management duties to help better your business. Here is everything you need to know about being the manager your company and team need to thrive this year. 

Strategic Direction

As a manager, you’ll need to set the direction for the company. A significant proportion of your responsibilities will involve identifying your organization’s most important strategic goals in the short, medium, and long term.

You’ll have to determine what additional resources you might need to meet those goals and your financial commitments. 

You’ll also need to communicate and negotiate that with anyone else in a senior leadership role in your company. 

Organizing Staff

Part of your role as a manager is to take charge of a team. It will be up to you to set their priorities and organize their time.

Team managers need to ensure their staff work on what will help you hit your big goals as a business. You should always be asking yourself whether that team is performing to the high standards you expect as an employer.

You’ll have to meet your team regularly to help direct them on their responsibilities. You should provide continued feedback on their achievements and support any areas they are finding a challenge. 


You’ll need to identify new roles for your business or spot when you need extra people capacity as your business grows. 

You’ll want to ensure you have all the processes to recruit people. That will include allowing time in the calendar to conduct interviews or employee assessments.

You might also want to include a formal process like the big 5 assessment. Plus, you’ll need to create job specifications and ads or direct your functional managers in your HR team to get those items done.

Controlling Processes

As a manager, you’ll be steering that ship, so you need to have it under control! That means ensuring your business has robust processes that provide the operational efficiencies you need as the company expands.

You’ll also need to ensure everyone in your team is working with these processes. You might have specific measurements and reporting to help you maintain control.

That might involve a weekly meeting with your team or sophisticated enterprise-level reporting software.

Leadership Roles

As well as controlling day-to-day operations, a good manager is also a fantastic leader. You’ll inspire your team, motivate them daily, and communicate the business’s critical priorities to get everyone on the same page.

Good leaders always have upbeat, professional, and committed teams with low staff turnaround. 

Focus on Your Management Duties

Management isn’t easy, and too often, as managers, we find ourselves pulled into everyday business emergencies. But to give your business the growth, you must stay committed to your most essential management duties.

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