Brilliant and Fun Fundraising Ideas That You Can Use for Your Church

Do you need to make money for your church?

Whether your facility needs a new playground or you want to aid families in need, fundraisers can help you bring in money. Last year, 56% of Americans donated to charity, averaging over $500.

Help good things come to fruition in your community! Read on for brilliant fundraising ideas.

Fun Run

When the Holy Spirit moves you, start moving for a good cause. Set up a fun run for your local community.

Split this up into a longer adult run and a smaller children’s version so everybody can participate. Ask each participant to pay a small entrance fee. Split this up into a longer adult run and a smaller children’s version so everybody can participate. Ask each participant to pay a small entrance fee.

To raise additional money, also give each participant a sponsor sheet. They can go out to their friends and family with an explanation of what the run will raise money for.

Sponsors can give a flat fee to show support. To create more competition, you can also ask sponsors to give money for each lap, mile, or using other appropriate measurements that the runner completes.

Bake Sale

American Steeples and Baptistries love a good bake sale. So does the rest of the community when they taste the delicious ware.

Gather a group of volunteer bakers to make their best portable specialty. Pies, cookies, brownies, and cupcakes tend to sell well at these events.

Gather volunteers to work the sale as well. Select an organized person or two to coordinate the event so everything runs smoothly.

Sell the goods at a slightly raised price so you pay for the ingredients and make a profit for your charitable cause. Find creative ways to advertise this sale for the best turnout.

Parent Break Nights

Set up a weekly or monthly parent break night. Parents can drop off the kiddos for a few hours for their date night or time to rest.

Ask nursery school teachers and teenagers from the church to donate their time to this fun cause. Separate the children into age groups and keep them in the nursery school rooms.

Set up games, arts & crafts, and Christain movies. This will build a strong community while raising money for something worthy.

Church Karaoke

Get the whole community singing in the sanctuary of your church. Ask somebody in the church if they can lend their karaoke equipment and possibly even MC the events.

Set up a weekly event where people from the community can come sing karaoke for a small fee. With most setups, you can regulate the song choice so that everybody sings something fun and appropriate for the setting.

Involve your quire in this. The people are paying so give them a show! Each week have the quire practice a cute song to perform at closing time.

Make Your Fundraising Ideas Exciting

Asking people for money does not need to feel tedious. Make your fundraising ideas exciting for everybody involved, including the people dishing out their cash!

Do you want to turn your fundraiser into a community learning experience? Find helpful tips and information on our education page.


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