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You will find many online pdf editors, each promising to solve your editing problems. But how do you determine that a PDF software is all talk or the real deal?

To begin with, the best pdf editors give fundamental editing functionalities for free. Their free packages allow the user to produce any desired adjustments to the text, such as edit, annotate & identify scanned text.

However, different pdf texts have different features. As you choose a pdf editor, you must keep in mind what you need it for. While you will easily access some features for free, to edit pdf online free of charge, you have to subscribe in other cases.

Some pdf editors will make your work easier through certain collaboration features if you are in an organization. Besides, suppose you use these features often. In that case, it is often best to choose the most suitable pdf editing software package and subscribe. Some limitations of the free software include the file size and the type of features you may access.

While some pdf editing software has common features others will provide unique opportunities for saving your work and collaboration more so when working with teams such as a classroom or organizational setting. Looking for the best pdf editors online may be pretty frustrating. After testing different pdf editing software, I found out the best pdf editors which I will be sharing in this post and they include Lumin pdf, Sejda, Smallpdf, and PDFescape.

Lumin PDF

If looking for quality, I would recommend using the Lumin innovative pdf editing software. It is one of the preferred editing software as it offers a wide range of advanced features. These features allow for the viewing, edit and share pdf texts, and they include:

  • Lumin pdf has a real-time sync feature, whereby several people have access to the same text. Consequently, the involved team may view the changes made on the file as they happen.
  • In a business or a classroom setting, the students, their teachers, and organizational teams may annotate and leave comments and suggestions for their team members to view without further emailing the text. Using Lumin, they may add text to pdf, shapes, images, and sign pdf texts.
  • Lumin pdf files are automatically saved on Lumin, dropbox, and google drive using the Lumin cloud integration features.
  • It also has autosaving, and people don’t need to save their work as they make changes to their pdf files.
  • The collaboration feature allows teams to chat and share information in real-time as they work on a project.
  • This software is cross-platform, as it may be used with the same ease on your phone, tablet, and computer. Consequently, it makes it possible to work on pdf texts on the go.
  • You may also quickly provide -signatures on pdf texts.
  • It has a Google Classroom integration feature that allows for the access and editing of Lumin files on Google Classroom.


Sejda is another highly rated pdf editing software that provides a wide range of free and paid-for features. The application is comprehensive, providing the user with a detailed procedure for using all its features on their home page. Features offered by Sejda include:

  • The ability to bring down the size of a pdf text using the Sejda compression features.
  • You may also add text to pdf and modify pdf texts by including images.
  • Wherever large texts are involved, with pages you don’t require, you may eliminate them and remain with what you need.
  • With Sejda software,  it is possible to combine different pdf texts, alternate, mix and organize them into the desired structure.
  • With Sejda, you may also crop pdf texts and split pages as you desire based on different qualities such as text, size, bookmarks, and pages.
  • Additionally, individuals and teams may create fillable pdf, add information on fillable pdf. For instance, where necessary, they may fill in a pdf and sign.
  • Sejda has features that allow for the inclusion of security features to pdf such as watermarks and passwords.
  • Suppose you are handling a pdf password-protected text or those with watermarks. In that case, you may unlock them and flatten them using Sejda pdf.
  • With Sejda, you may edit pdf file online, convert pdf to word, text, PowerPoint, JPEG, and Excel. Also, you may convert word, JPEG, and HTM to pdf.
  • The features offered by Sedja are unlimited. Other features include repair, rename, extraction of images, rotation, Bates numbering, deleting pages, and cropping.


Small pdf is one of the top-rated pdf editing software you may directly access from your browser. By adding the free extension to chrome, it’s possible to modify pdf online and make pdf editable for free. The Small pdf file editor has the following features:

  • The free version offers a basic editing feature whereby individuals and teams may convert pdf to editable word texts, PowerPoint, Excel, and jpeg. And if your text is in these versions, it allows you to convert them back to pdf.
  • If you have a large pdf text that takes up more space or takes more time to upload, you may use Small pdf to compress it into a smaller size.
  • Businesses and individuals may edit pdf files online directly on the browser without the need for an app.
  • Smallpdf helps in deleting pages and individuals may include only the pages they require in a text.
  • It also allows the ordering and numbering of pages on pdf texts.
  • If you have separate pdf texts, you may use Smallpdf to bring these texts together into one text. The software helps the user when they need to split pdf texts.
  • Small pdf also allows the user to align a text by rotating it.
  • It is also a free pdf reader which allows users to open and view pdf texts.
  • You may also use Smallpdf to apprehend signatures on pdf texts
  • Protect pdf texts by securing them with passwords and also remove passwords from secured pdf files.


PDFescape offers crucial pdf editing features from their home page. It is one of the most preferred pdf editing software due to its free features. It basically helps pdf edit online free of charge. With this online pdf reader, it’s possible to:

  • View and make adjustments to pdf files from your browser.
  • Design, edit and complete pdf forms online for free.
  • Zoom and rotate pdf pages.
  • Search for text on pdf.
  • Crop, whiteout, create links, delete pages, and include shapes with this PDF file editor.
  • Include passwords, signatures, fill pdf forms,
  • Design a pdf by including fields, changing color, font, and other features.
  • You may also annotate pdf by including comments, marking up, highlighting, and underlining sections as desired.
  • It also offers advanced premium desktop and ultimate features. These paid-for packages have special desktop features whereby you may make these adjustments on the desktop.

These are some of the best pdf editors, and you google pdf editor and make the selection of the pdf editor of choice depending on your needs. All the above software provides a trial version usually lasting for seven days. If you don’t use the software more frequently, you may try out the trial version. The trial version also helps the users feel the application before they invest their money. The paid-for features are more advanced and reliable. You always have access to all features under one app whenever you need them.


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