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You will find many online pdf editors, each promising to solve your editing problems. But how do you determine that a PDF software is all talk or the real deal?

To begin with, the best pdf editors give fundamental editing functionalities for free. Their free packages allow the user to produce any desired adjustments to the text, such as edit, annotate & identify scanned text.

However, different pdf texts have different features. As you choose a pdf editor, you must keep in mind what you need it for. While you will easily access some features for free, to edit pdf online free of charge, you have to subscribe in other cases.

Some pdf editors will make your work easier through certain collaboration features if you are in an organization. Besides, suppose you use these features often. In that case, it is often best to choose the most suitable pdf editing software package and subscribe. Some limitations of the free software include the file size and the type of features you may access.

While some pdf editing software has common features others will provide unique opportunities for saving your work and collaboration more so when working with teams such as a classroom or organizational setting. Looking for the best pdf editors online may be pretty frustrating. After testing different pdf editing software, I found out the best pdf editors which I will be sharing in this post and they include Lumin pdf, Sejda, Smallpdf, and PDFescape.

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Lumin PDF

If looking for quality, I would recommend using the Lumin innovative pdf editing software. It is one of the preferred editing software as it offers a wide range of advanced features. These features allow for the viewing, edit and share pdf texts, and they include:


Sejda is another highly rated pdf editing software that provides a wide range of free and paid-for features. The application is comprehensive, providing the user with a detailed procedure for using all its features on their home page. Features offered by Sejda include:


Small pdf is one of the top-rated pdf editing software you may directly access from your browser. By adding the free extension to chrome, it’s possible to modify pdf online and make pdf editable for free. The Small pdf file editor has the following features:


PDFescape offers crucial pdf editing features from their home page. It is one of the most preferred pdf editing software due to its free features. It basically helps pdf edit online free of charge. With this online pdf reader, it’s possible to:

These are some of the best pdf editors, and you google pdf editor and make the selection of the pdf editor of choice depending on your needs. All the above software provides a trial version usually lasting for seven days. If you don’t use the software more frequently, you may try out the trial version. The trial version also helps the users feel the application before they invest their money. The paid-for features are more advanced and reliable. You always have access to all features under one app whenever you need them.

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