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You can assume that your PC controller will be ergonomically designed to feel good in your hand. All smooth curves and tactile buttons, easy to move buttons and switches. The controller is your sports kit. In the same way that a badminton player pays attention to his racket and a runner to his boots, you need the Best Controller for PC to suit you.

The controller will have been designed to fit the normal hand. Your hands can be smaller or larger. If the controller doesn’t fit your hand, your hand will hurt even after a short gaming session. The only person who can determine the correct fit is you. And the only way you can solve it is by trying them. If your friends have controllers ask if you can test them. Are you able to reach the buttons without making complex hand movements? Is it a hefty or a light weight? immortal server

Dual Shock 4:-

Sony’s Dual Shock 4 is about on par with the Xbox Wireless Controller when it comes to build quality and comfort Best Desktop PC. And while there’s already a newer one for the PS5, it’s still our favorite gamepad for a PlayStation-style experience on PC. The latest version of the Dual Shock 4 is a delight to hold, with slim, cylindrical grips that nest perfectly in our palms. In terms of comfort, it’s on level with the Xbox controller, but it might be better for individuals who like a streamlined design versus a curvy, heavier one. We also found the Dual Shock to be much easier on our hands than the newer Dual Sense, which is simply too big.

Sony Dual Sense:-

The PS5 Dual Sense brings with it a series of technologies over its predecessor, the Dual Shock 4, which serves to improve the immersion and experience with games. As is the case with an advanced vibration that generates vibrations in the same way that a speaker generates sounds. Unfortunately, its advantages cannot be used for PC, although it is possible that over time SONY, with the desire to sell more units of this peripheral, decides to open its access so that PC games incorporate its technologies. In any case, you can use it with a generic Bluetooth dongle and it has greater compatibility in this aspect than the Dual Shock 4. Also know about avple

Razer Wolverine Ultimate:-

This is a large controller with a meaty feel to it. With extra shoulder and trigger buttons, the buttons are clear, crisp, and sensitive. There are sliders on the back that allow you to set the activation depth of the shoulder and trigger buttons. The analog sticks and D-pad are interchangeable so you can configure the device to your needs. There is no wireless choice for this model as well as it is exclusive. It’s designed with bright green accents on the D-pad and trademark RGB light strip to contrast with the matte black finish. It seems expensive. You will need a separate application to set up the driver for PC as it is not integrated with the Synapse 3 application for Windows.

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