The 9 best hotels and resorts in India are perfect spots for staying

Staycation is new-age, yet it is not a fad for a thousand years. A stay is a win-win for all at low holiday times and carbon footprints. Here are the top nine best hotels and resorts for a stay. By Rashima Srivastav Nagpal & Sushmita

1. Alila Fort Bishangarh

Alila Fort Bishangarh, the standout in Rajasthan’s palace hotel, is incentive enough for a closer holiday home. And it’s time for you to explore your district with a new pair of eyes with the sorts of experiences it offers. The warrior-first-turned-hotel offers royal accommodation from the Heritage to the Regal Suite and extensive luxury, but you should not miss out on the vast variety of engagement Alila Experiences. For example, a hot-air balloon flight through Rajasthan’s undulating countryside ends with a customized picnic; an inviting appointment with the local farmers and their families.

2. Tamara Coorg

In Coorg, the name of Tamara resort Coorg comes from the Malayalam Lotus term which in some cultures occupies a holy significance. It is a place deserving of stay from Bengaluru, Myzuru, Mangaluru, Kozhikode. Stay here on the springboard path, go off in the scented coffee plantations in the district of Kodagu, watch many native birds, explore lesser-known rivers and waterfalls, and enjoy profound meditation with the help of a guru. With 56 cottage-type villas with individual balconies overlooking the Coorg Valley, the resort guarantees an authentic experience of the region’s natural wealth.

3. Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa

A destination that makes most northern Indians envy, is the village of Shillimb, 55 kilometers from Pune. Holy in a bucolic position in the Sahyadri Mountains (Western Ghats), the unique Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa has actually placed the tiny community on the world map. The resort is 320 hectares wide and everything oozes wellness. It may be a short hop for the citizens of Pune, but it doesn’t seem that Mumbaikars remember the 110 kilometers of stay. The retreat offers elaborated, calming treatments for your mind, body, and soul, surrounded by pristine natural beauty from all sides.

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4. ITC Grand Bharat

New Delhi is one of the world’s most populous cities, as charming as its historic areas could be. So the minds of its inhabitants are constantly a retreat. While many Delhi people love a hill station, the Himalayas are not precisely a stone’s throw away. In busy times, a resort closer to home, such as ITC Grand Bharat, will be rescued. It is set on a large 1.2-square-kilometer estate on a stretch of Aravalli Range and is located about 50-odd kilometers from the Capital. When you leave the traffic behind the Gurugram, your getaway is pleasant and you have rural vistas on each side.

5. The Serai Kabini

The Serai Kabini rises like a fantasy in the wilderness as you drive fast down the Kabini River — in the sunny fresh air and walk through local roads. The resort is situated between Bandipur Parkes and Nagarhole, with many birds walking across floods of sandalwood, teak, and rosewood; deer wandering and languors shouting warning as big cats ride over the neighboring wilds. A four-hour trip from Bengaluru, you should take Serai Kabini if you enjoy your adventurous soul in the forest several days away.

6. Golkonda Resort and Spa

What if we say that the globe that escapes from Hyderabad isn’t far away? The 13 acres of area and greenery are located in the Golkonda Resort and Spa, near the giant Osman Sagar. This is not your 5-star resort at the end of the mill — come into this quiet building if you’re not prepared to do anything, and the place will ensure you’re fully mingled. All 44 luxury villas and 24 premium rooms have modern facilities, while the luxurious grounds and swinging palm trees attract you. The resort includes whether you are looking for a delicious gastronomic experiment by the pool or want to indulge your senses with Thai therapy.

7. Le Pondy Resort and Spa

Puducherry is an alluring melting jar of civilizations. It is hence little wonder that Vellore and Chennai people always seek shelter here. Lost in its interesting French quarter is as simple as in the bustling markets surrounded by traditional South Indian food – this cultural juxtaposition renders the appeal of Puducherry timeless. The character of the coastal village of Le Pondy Resort & Spa is magnificent. The estuary between the Chunnambar River and the Bay of Bengal is simple and classic in its look and is magnificent in its feeling. It is 14 acres wide and features 70 elegantly furnished accommodations, including 8 Presidential Pool Villas.

8. The Lalit Chandigarh

Think of Chandigarh and you will see endless boulevards, large city squares, luxuriant gardens, and peaceful seas, all clothed in an ancient world. Although a touch old, a pinch of modernism surrounds the city with a pleasant ambiance. The Lalit Chandigarh has a dichotomy that is the same. The property overlooks the Shivalik Hills and is situated near the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech’s famed business district. The hotel offers 179 luxury suites and rooms combining modern and modern décor with contemporary comfort with a panoramic distance from mountains and woodlands.

9. Jehan Numa Palace

If you ever dreamed of living like a king, it’s the place to taste. The royal palace Jehan Numa is the perfect host for your ideal vacation and rests quietly on the path of shamla hill in Bhopal. The palace property was established during the 19th century, a living story from the magnificent era of Begums of Bhopal. It is a mix of British colonial, Italian and classic Greek architectures. All 94 rooms and six suites are decorated with complete grandeur and have colonial furnishings, traditional décor, and indigenous tribal paintings on the sepia-tinted walls. All modern comforts and the dedicated room service offer a choice.

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