Best Apps to Boost Your Productivity and Take It to The Next Level

In the post-pandemic era, remote working is the new norm. Companies are now hiring people from around the globe so they can work on sophisticated projects while staying in the comfort of their homes. As more and more people are getting accustomed to remote working styles, a common complaint that you will come across is low productivity because of multitasking. Changing schedules, noise, a lot of distractions, and not tracking time mean you will soon hear from your manager about the quality of work. This is quite common and can be overwhelming as well. However, before giving up or feeling frustrated, you need to learn the art of managing your work and beating deadlines by minimizing distractions. 

To address this problem, you need productivity-boosting tools and apps that can help you align your daily tasks, set a goal, and remove distractions so you can focus on your work only. Most of these apps are cloud-based so you will need a steady internet connection to access your data. So far, Mediacom has been recognized as the best internet for business and personal use. For details about packages and choosing the right bundle, you can see Mediacom Internet precio

Things to Notice While Subscribing to A Productivity Boosting App 

Most productivity apps can be niche based so they can either help you improve your focus or prioritize the task. However, some tools will allow you to manage your timeline while tracking your habits, and keeping your daily to-do list organized. 

While it might seem better to choose one tool with multiple features, things can get complicated and such tools may not be free. If you want to unlock the premium features, you will have to pay every month. For a limited budget, you can use multiple apps simultaneously as well. 

Here are three main things you need to look for in a good productivity app:

  • The app should help you boost productivity by reducing the time spent on mundane and repetitive tasks.
  • The app should have a cloud-based data backup so you can access your data anytime. 
  • The app should have a free trial so you can assess the user experience and essential features. 
  • The app should have a password or verification code for keeping it connected via multiple devices while securing the data. 

Best Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Although you will come across many productivity-boosting apps, however here are our top picks that you can try: 


Perfect for sharing your tasks with teammates, managing the progress of your work, setting deadlines, and sharing files, the Hive app is for busy workaholic bees. You can also use this app to use the calendar, for schedule management, and collaboration on multiple tasks. Hive can be accessed via Browser as well as web applications. Usually, it is used by teams to track the progress of the task, however, if you manage a bigger team, you need to buy the premium tool. 

Basic features: Task Management Tool 

Available on: iOS, Android, and Desktop

Pricing: Free for solo users 


Simple, easy to use, and perfect for planning your day, Todoist will become your digital journal for the day. This app allows you to create a to-do list so you can prioritize your daily tasks. This is a cloud-based app so you can connect it to your online calendar, assign tasks to others and collaborate with others as well. 

Basic features: Daily To-Do List Management Tool 

Available on: iOS, Android, Window Desktop, and Mac 

Pricing: Free for solo users


Tired of distracting noises and finding it hard to manage time? Engross will change the work-from-home game for you. The app includes a calendar management feature, reminder setting, analytics for daily productivity management, and a promodoro-style clock. The design is simple, user-friendly, and very minimalistic so you will have no distractions as you navigate through the features. 

Basic features: schedule and time management  

Available on: iOS and android 

Pricing: Free 


While working, most people get distracted by their phones. Scrolling through social media till you end up in some rabbit hole of celebrity gossip is pretty common. If you are struggling with social media apps and lose focus easily, you can use the freedom app. You can maintain a block list for online websites and apps, add time to it, and listen to soothing music that will help you focus. 

Basic features: Blocking Distraction and Task Management  

Available on: iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Chrome Extension, Firefox, and Opera 

Pricing: Free trial period 


As we grow up, learning a new skill, completing a book, or getting into a new routine can become a daunting task. Building a new habit with a tight schedule means managing time, staying consistent, and staying motivated. 

With Habitica, you can get into a productive routine because it is designed on classical conditioning and enforcement principles. Every time you complete a task, you earn reward points while every time you miss a deadline, you will get punished for it.

Basic features: Schedule and Time Management  

Available on: iOS, Android, and Chrome Extension 

Pricing: Free with limited features 


If you are a freelancer, you need to get on Toggl. Perfect for solo users, freelancers, and small teams, Toggl allows you to track time, design your task timeline, and set reminders for the tasks. You can also use idle time detection and a Pomodoro timer to stay focused on the task and avoid any distractions. This is a management tool that can be integrated with Asana, Jira, and Trello as well. With multiple clients as a freelancer, you can track the timesheet and offer the invoice via Toggl. 

Basic features: Online Task Management Tool

Available on: iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, firefox, Android, and Chrome Extension 

Pricing: Free with limited features 

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, productivity apps are quite prevalent and most of the apps have a free trial period as well. Before buying the app or subscribing to a feature, make sure to check the app. The vast majority of the apps are user-friendly but they have limited features. On the contrary, premium apps might seem promising but they can get very complicated to navigate. The above-mentioned pointers will help you find the right productivity app for your work. 

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