Benefits Of Using Sir Walter Buffalo Grass On Your Lawn

Lawns are attractive and playful outdoor spaces. But maintaining it, especially the grasses, can be challenging at times. Everyone wishes for the luscious and green grass on their lawn, but taking care of them scares them. But we have found the perfect grass for you.  Sir Walter buffalo grass is one such grass that if taken from good suppliers like Buffalo Turf can grow effortlessly, does not demand water and fertilizers much, and still looks fresh and fabulous at every time. Moreover, it has soft leaves and low height, which makes them safe for children also. 

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We have brought you the benefits which would make you choose buffalo grass for your lawn. 

  1. High pests’ tolerance

This grass is especially famous for having high tolerance against diseases like grey leaf spots, pests like lawn grub. Compared to other grasses, it is least bothered by pests and insects, making it safe for children and pets.

  1. Low growing

It comes in various varieties. Depending on the type, its height can vary from 3 inches to 8 inches, making it a good choice for your lawn. 

  1. Increases property value

This grass is favored by architects, home improvers, and landscapers and is considered the best grass which upgrades any outdoor space without much effort.  It is a brilliant enhancement solution, especially for front lawns, large backyards, and townhouses. In addition, it increases the value of the property at the time of sale. 

  1. Health benefits

Along with providing an attractive area for relaxation and playing, it also provides some great health benefits. It offers fresh air, calmness to the mind and eyes and is especially good for people who suffer from allergies. In addition, it has 40% less seed heads, which is a major cause of allergies, making it safe for pets. 

  1. Easy maintenance 

It is also a top choice because of its easy maintenance. As it has a deep root system, it can easily survive the winter season without much demand. In addition, it does not dry out quickly, which makes your lawn beautiful and lasts longer. Finally, it only needs regular watering to thrive. 

  1. Good recovery

This grass grows at a good rate and recovers from wear even faster. Although sometimes due to children or dogs, your area may suffer from a lot of wear, buffalo grass, with its high recovery rate, overcomes the wear earlier than others.

  1. More drought resistance

Another great benefit of buffalo grass is its drought resistance. With its deep root system, it provides for more drought resistance than most of the other grasses. It can survive in dry conditions for a long period as it uses water efficiently, making it both summer and winter grass. 

  1. Low fertility requirement

It also has low fertility requirements and water conservation ability, making it an excellent option for your lawn. In addition, it only requires 1lbs to 2lbs of Nitrogen for every 1000 square feet annually compared to other grasses that require around 6lbs every year. 

  1. Great shade tolerance

Unlike other grasses, this grass can thrive in the extreme shade also. With around 3 hours of direct sunlight, this can survive easily in shady locations. 


This grass is perfect for any lawn because of its high benefits and low maintenance. It helps in living a happy and healthy lifestyle by making your yard a beautiful place. Leafs have a vibrant green color, which is better than most of the grasses. If you invest in buffalo grass, it will surely pay back in time.

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