Beat Your Competitors With These AI SEO Tools

Most companies have an online presence these days WITH SEO tools. And they all fight for the search rankings. The battle is very fierce. Big companies have time, money, and a skilled workforce at their disposal. Small companies face a tremendous challenge to survive in the digital marketplace. 

We see  rapid growth in technology. Artificial Intelligence can help us automate repeatable tasks. These tasks usually take a lot of time and energy. AI helps you to focus on the crucial aspects of your business and save time. AI is good at monotonous tasks. It works efficiently and delivers predictable results. 

There is nothing to fear with AI. It does not eliminate the need for humans. It needs humans to provide data. You have to set your tools correctly. Make sure that the information you provide is accurate. Your returns in using AI tools depend on the quality of input you provide.

When it comes to SEO, you have to focus on some key areas. These include content, user experience, links, and page speed. 

Here are three AI tools that help you with SEO.

Twinword Ideas for Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part of any SEO strategy. However, doing keyword research is painstaking. Twinword Ideas helps you save time and automate keyword research. It is an NLP-based keyword software that helps you with SEO.

Twinword Ideas has a simple design. It is easy to use. Anyone can get used to it pretty quickly. It uses stars and bars to suggest suitable keywords.

Its “popular topics” filter gives you new ideas that you can use for your content. When you type a keyword, it gives you the popular topics for that keyword. It also gives you keywords to use when you click on one of the topics. Its keyword score tells you which keyword is best for your content. It also tells you which keywords you should include in your title for the rankings.

The AI tool can identify three types of user intent: know, buy, and local. Some customers look for valuable information. The second category has people looking to make a purchase. The third group includes customers looking for a local store.

Its “patterns filter” looks for patterns. It suggests keywords found in the pattern. Some keyword patterns include “what,” “how,” “where,” and “best.”

The tool provides you with the data of average monthly searches for a keyword.  “SEO Competition” score tells you the amount of competition you have for a keyword. “Paid competition” score tells you the Google Ads competition for a keyword.

Its “Relevance score” tells you how close each keyword is to your query. You can also sort for keywords that are close to your search query. An affordable SEO company providing SEO services in India can help you with keywords.

Postaga for Link Building

Link building is essential if you want to get featured on the search results page. You might be overwhelmed with the thousands of blogs in your niche. Postaga is an AI tool that specializes in backlinks. 

Postaga’s Opportunity Finder gives you suggestions about sites that will be more likely to provide backlinks. It gives you their email addresses, LinkedIn profile, and other contact information. The tool enables you to create hyper-personalized messages.

The tool identifies the outbound links and contact information in your content. Then it uses the data to create personalized emails. Postaga provides advice snippets to help you personalize your messages. It can do follow-ups on emails that receive no response.

Postaga provides several features to customize your campaigns. It might be initially hard to get used to the software. However, they have blog posts and webinars to teach their customers how to use their tools. For backlinks, you can work with an affordable SEO company that provides SEO services in India.

Jarvis for Content Marketing

Jarvis uses AI to generate content based on keywords. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to create content for different platforms. The software provides topic recommendations when you are stuck. It also suggests headlines and content outlines. The tool has over 50 content templates for you to choose from. 

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