Things You Should Know About Diabetes Ulcer Management – Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes

Diabetic ulcers are found in patients whose wounds have not entirely healed. They may inflame later in the form of ulcers and sores. 15% of people who have diabetes suffer from this condition. These ulcers can surface on a person’s hands, legs, feet, or any other areas with deep folds.

The main reason behind diabetes patients getting these ulcers is their high blood sugar levels that may damage the nerves and blood vessels over the years. This dwindles the blood flow to one’s arms, legs, and feet, complicating the healing process. It makes them more susceptible to other skin infections as well.

Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes uses natural and organic substances to help obliterate these skin conditions and treat them best. However, taking ayurvedic medication alone will not allow these scars to fade away. People must make a conscious effort to keep their blood sugar levels in check because that gives birth to a host of other conditions which can be easily avoided.

Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes will only work when people implement other lifestyle alterations. A condition known as peripheral heart disease also dwindles the blood flow to one’s arms and legs. Even the sufferer has undergone nerve damage; they may not feel the pain, leading to delayed treatment that causes the ulcers to become more significant and more prominent.

While ulcers may sound harmless and puny, some may lead to more notable infections and even gangrene in some situations. Those cases require the doctors to amputate the agitating region.


Diabetic ulcers are also known as non-healing wounds because they augment over time. The treatment plan draws focus on blood purification, also known as panchakarma. Panch means five, and the process includes five different stages of purifying one’s body to rid the sufferer of any muck and imbalance.

These therapies alleviate the person mentally and physically, thereby treating their ailments. They use  Vamana Karma, which is also called medical emesis or medical vomiting. It cleanses away the doshas or toxins from the body. It is a controlled and induced vomiting performed by an expert.

This is followed by performing Virechana, another purging therapy performed by stimulating the excess waste through drugs. It rids the body of excess pitta, and the patients do not feel any untoward fatigue or discomfort. Subsequently, they perform Siravyadha Chikitsa (Bloodletting) and puncture a vein as part of an intravenous medical procedure.

Next up, the doctor assigns a custom diet and workout schedule for the patient. Ayurveda believes in holistic healing and focuses on achieving harmony among the doshas to reduce other illnesses. They think that people should eat according to their body types and restrict other foods.

Eating in smaller portions while stressing on more salads and lentils is imperative. The results are a balanced body that is stronger, fitter, and more virile.


Diabetes gives birth to various other problems like bad breath, wounds that take longer to heal, fatigue, weight gain, persistent urination, acute hunger pangs, etc. Ayurvedic treatment can help people better their overall condition, but they must listen to the doctor and change their life significantly. Numerous patients who had been hitting dead ends with their skin troubles have found solutions within ayurvedic treatments.

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