Avoid These 6 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

HubSpot recently released statistics from experienced marketers about the power of social media marketing. Over 50% of the marketers in the poll plan to increase their investments in 2022 for the platforms YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

Most of the marketers in this survey say that the frequency they post on social platforms ranges from four to six times per week.

Business marketing is about brand awareness and increasing sales, so you want to avoid marketing mistakes that will cause harm to the company’s image and its profits.

Go viral on social media and give your business a boost by avoiding common social media marketing mistakes that even the most experienced marketers can make.

1. Posting and Not Planning

Digital marketing professionals are successful when they begin their efforts with a social media strategy. You want to start with what your goals are. Then, based on how each platform works, you create a plan that leads toward your objectives.

The actions you take should be ones with a purpose. Consider your target audience, the people you are talking to. Which platform do they prefer, and what type of content do they enjoy?

This is how you build a successful digital marketing social media campaign.

2. Using the Wrong Tone

The very idea of social media is to share whatever is on your mind. With business marketing, however, there is a brand image behind what you share.

Content that is too stiff or even snooty can turn people away from your content. They may not be happy with anything too loose either, such as offensive language. Jokes made in poor taste could go array.

Create a tone that speaks to your brand but also relates well with your audience. Engage them, not turn them away.

3. Crickets in Your Comments

You can boost engagement rates on platforms like Instagram and Facebook when there are lots of comments on your posts. This appeals to their algorithms. Further, it creates a connection to your base of followers.

They comment on your posts because they care!

Of course, you cannot comment on posts when you get an Instagram action blocked error. We included this link to walk you through how to get unblocked on Instagram if this should happen to you.

4. Buying Followers

Social media networks have guidelines against buying followers. The problem is that sometimes brands may not be increasing followers as quickly as they would like and become impatient. It makes the thought of taking the simple route and buying followers more tempting.

Really, the offer is too good to be true anyway because the followers you buy won’t care about your content. They will not engage with your posts or comment. This will hurt your algorithm.

5. Posting Irrelevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a way to get exposure and trend in conversations. It is possible that with the right hashtags, thousands can see your account.

Of course, with the wrong hashtags, you could get a lot of views by not from people that you want to see it. You could get the wrong exposure, and this you want to avoid.

6. Being Boring

There is a lot of noise on social media, as feeds will flood with content and paid business advertising. If you want to stand out, they cannot see you as dull.

Do more than just say how great your product is. Be creative. Be funny and inspire your audience.

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

To be successful in social media takes a lot of planning, but not to worry. We know you will do great! Especially when you avoid these common marketing mistakes that experienced marketers will tell you about.

For more tips on how to make a big impact on your digital marketing initiatives, don’t leave! We’ve got so many more articles like this one. Keep clicking and stick around for a while.


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