Are You Looking for the Right Cabinet Knobs and Pulls?

Knobs and pulls are known for their aesthetic appeal and functionality. The kitchen gets nasty on a daily basis, and keeping that mess off the surface of the cabinet is critical for its lifespan. Knobs and pulls serve to protect the cabinet finish by preventing oils from your fingers from being transferred to your cabinet fronts.

An otherwise excellent kitchen might be ruined by a careless choice of cabinet hardware. Flat or curved knobs, handles, or pulls, bronze or stainless steel finishes, and so on. 

If you cannot see your kitchen design, the decisions you will take may seem overwhelming. While choosing the appropriate hardware may appear to be a little detail, it can significantly improve the looks and usefulness of your kitchen.

You can make the right selection of knobs and pulls by visiting the website Choose hardware last if you are building or remodeling a new home. After you have decided on all of your required materials, follow these guidelines to get the best cabinet hardware for the kitchen. 

Consider the following cabinet hardware options for the next project.

Decide whether you prefer any knob or pull

All doors should have knobs, and all drawers should have pulls according to one preference. Use a pull for any large door, e.g. a pantry or any pull-out door.

Figure out whether you prefer square or curved

To choose between square and curved knobs, consider your cabinet type, lighting fixtures, countertop edge, and any other key design components.

Consider the finish

While most homeowners go for brushed nickel or chrome, there are a variety of alternative finishes to pick from to spice up your kitchen. 

Think about your comfort

Before buying, test out the pull or knob. Check how it feels by touching and feeling it, as well as fitting your hand well inside the pull. All should fit comfortably.

Examine the cost

It is important to remember that you will get what you only pay for. Of course, there are a few companies with low-cost brands, but their finishes are equally sub-par and unappealing.

Hardware comfort and functionality

Everything else should come second to comfort and functionality. Make sure you really use the hardware before you buy it, rather than just choosing it out of a catalog because it looks nice.

Kitchen hardware color combination

The options in the market can be numerous: antique gold finish, steel, brass, and chrome, hardwood finish, enamel color finish, white or black. However, remember that any color or finish you choose should blend in with the cabinet’s style and hue.

Kitchen hardware style

The style of your kitchen hardware should complement the rest of the design aspects of your kitchen.

Integrated handles

Integrated or concealed handles with a recessed or beveled gap where you may insert your fingers and pull look wonderful on sleek modern cabinets.

Recessed pulls

Any recessed pulls can be simple and functional, and they are incorporated into the cupboard shutter, as either a recess with the same material as the cabinet shutter if it is a molded shutter, or even as any contrasting metal fitting if it is a metal shutter.

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