All About Filing Title IX Complaints And Taking The Right Steps

Title IX cases are common these days and students should raise their voices as soon as they come across such issues. In schools and colleges, harassment and sexual assault cases are on the rise. One of the reasons is that students choose to stay quiet, which can make the accuser more confident in his acts. If not stopped on time, he bothers other students and creates a hostile environment. That’s why it is strongly recommended to look for Title IX defense in Texas and take the proper actions. 

Who can file a Title IX case?

Not only students but also anyone, who believes that he or she has been discriminated against within the school based on race, color, origin, and nationality, can file a complaint. Even if you are a parent, friend, educator, or administrator of the school, you are eligible to file a Title IX case on the behalf of the student. All students including male, female, transgender, and anyone belonging to the LGBT community are protected by Title IX. 

When should you file the complaint?

It is suggested to act as soon as possible. When the incident occurs, you should take the right steps just after that so that the harasser does not get time to get away. It is important to learn about the Title IX policies and whom to contact if you want to report the case. Generally, a title IX coordinator should be contacted because he has been appointed by the authorities to look into the matter. 

If you want to file a lawsuit, you should get in touch with an attorney and check the period to file the case. It may differ from one state to another and a lawyer is the best person to discuss these laws.

What do you need to give out?

When filing a complaint, you need to explain what has happened in detail along with the name of the harasser and his or her contact details. In case, you have proof of the incident such as photos or videos, you should be able to handle all of them to the authorities.

Tips to file a complaint

  • Be honest, precise, and detailed
  • Relevant forms should be filled so strengthen your case
  • Keep your attorney with you at the time of the hearing
  • Don’t lose your cool any time

Filing a complaint against the harasser can make your future safer because he will not try out things on you again.  

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