A Shower or A Bathtub – which of these two are best suited for your bathroom

Is anyone thinking of removing their bathtub in favour of a shower? Or is there someone who wishes to add a bathtub to their home along with a shower? Before anyone makes their decision. They must first determine if it is the best option for their home’s value and for their lifestyle too.

They must also check if their choice for a shower, a bathtub or a bathtub shower. The combination will be worth the investment or not.

Should you have a shower or a bathtub in the bathroom?

A vast majority of homes these days have more than one bathroom in them. Most of them have a shower while one of them either has a bathtub or a bathtub-shower combination. Residents should focus on just one room at a time instead of making one decision for each bathroom in their homes.

Small bathrooms may not have spaces for tubs or would be a wise decision. To leave one bathtub in a bathroom for guests having young children.

The master bathroom is that room in a house where residents will spend most of their time and the area where home buyers will focus most of their attention, especially when it comes to renovating a home’s bathrooms.

Resale value of a shower

When it comes to considering resale value of a home, residents and homeowners alike may want to have their home appeal to as many buyers as it can be possible. The shower is among those features that are in demand. A lot of people desire to have at least one shower in their home.

A survey was conducted in 2017 by American Institute of Architects among various homebuyers. The findings indicated that large walk-in showers became more popular that year in comparison to last year (i.e. 2016). Meaning, 54% wanted a walk-in shower in their homes in 2016 whereas in the next year. 64% of homebuyers wanted that in their homes.

And it’s just not about the popularity of walk-in showers as other kinds of showers are also preferred.

In the same survey, 23% of homebuyers wanted an upscale shower while 54% wanted a stall shower without a bathtub while 56% wanted a doorless shower. Having a shower in the bathroom definitely adds more to the benefit, especially when the home is for sale.

Another factor about showers raising their benefit to homeowners is their applicability in universal design. The same survey conducted by the AIA revealed that 59% of the respondents desired a universal design. This allows for residents to live in their homes comfortably, regardless of age or mobility.

Spacious curbless showers allow people to get in without tripping over any threshold or obstacle. Installing this one as a component of a universal design bathroom can help residents. Save approximately 60% of the money used in typical bathroom renovation activities. As it is a relatively new concept, data for this shower first became available almost two years ago.

It is quite likely that homes having universal design are becoming more popular as the populace is growing old and demands accessible living spaces.

If residents have only a bathtub in the master bathroom, they might want to consider adding a shower in it. A survey of home buyers conducted in 2013 found that 80% of respondents demanded. Three features in a bathroom namely an exhaust fan, a linen closet and a combination of a tub & a shower in the master bathroom.

Having both a tub and shower is key to making a good sale. The result of the same survey also showed that 30% of home buyers would not buy a home having only a shower in the master bedroom.

The size of the home will also determine if removing all the tubs will affect the home’s value. If residents are living in a studio apartment or a one-bedroom house. \Replacing the bathtub with a shower can improve the space in the bathroom. This in turn raises the home’s value by almost 10 percent.

However, if residents have more than one bathtub in their homes Take out all the tubs from them, their homes can then lose value. But if they replace the tubs with showers, use extra space to install a spacious walk-in shower, then that additional space will have a more luxurious feel in comparison to a small shower stall.

Hence, residents have an option of adding either luxurious showerheads or a shower bench, thereby raising the values of homes.

The value a bathtub holds

If residents choose to upgrade a standard bathroom into one with a porcelain tub-shower combination, they might recover almost 70 per cent of the home improvement costs via a rise in the value of their properties. The remodelling project can also have a single lever to control shower temperature and pressure, plus ceramic tiles surrounding the tub shower.

Even if residents remove the tub in the master bedroom for the installation of a spacious shower, most real estate professionals advise them to have at least one bathtub in their home. If residents follow this advice, families with small children will be more interested in buying that home. A lot of parents find it easy to bathe children in tubs instead of showers.

Some homes have large tubs having water jets which became popular during the 90s. While these tubs do feel luxurious and soothing, their large size made cleaning a difficult task. Nowadays, homeowners often remove them in favour of space-friendly showers.

If residents only have one bathroom in their homes, they should consider installing a shower tub instead of a freestanding tub. This provides them with the benefits of both a shower and a tub in their home. Moreover, if it has a well-functioning shower diverter valve, then they are in luck.

For those who desire more space in a guest bathroom having only a bathtub, the fixture should be replaced with a shower for space savings. However, the bathtub should be kept in the main bathroom for a good resale value.


It may sound a bit different but having a bathtub is still a feature in homes having multiple bathrooms. Yet, residents do not need to have a tub in each bathroom of the house. Converting some bathtubs into either spacious showers or dual bathtub. Showers helps residents keep at least one tub in the house.

At the same time, they are adding space and convenience with showers in other bathrooms.

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