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A Complete Guide to Hanging Your Decorative Mirrors

Looking to add more style to your home? Try hanging decorative mirrors near windows. It’s a fast way to upgrade the style of any room without a lot of effort.

With a little help from your friends, hanging mirrors shouldn’t be complicated. It’s far faster than tearing down drywall and replacing it. But how can you hang them securely and make sure they last as long as your decorative mirror stands?

If you’re not sure if you can do it, then keep reading. Here’s everything you need to know about hanging your decorative mirrors.

Determine the Best Placement

When determining the best placement for your favorite mirrors, it’s important to consider the size and shape of the mirror. Think about how you want the mirror to function in the space.

Do you want it to be a focal point or simply a functional piece? Lastly, take into account the orientation of the mirror. Vertical mirrors can make a space feel taller, while horizontal mirrors can make a room feel wider.

Measure the Space for the Mirror

To ensure your favorite mirrors are hung perfectly, measure the space for the mirror first. To do this, measure the width and height of the area where you plan to hang the mirror.

Keep in mind that you’ll need some extra space around the perimeter of the mirror for hardware. Once you have your measurements, transfer them to graph paper and sketch out a plan.

Decide How High to Hang the Mirror

The first step is to decide how high to hang the mirror. You’ll want to take into account the height of the furniture that will be beneath it, as well as the height of the people who will be using it.

A good rule of thumb is to hang the mirror at eye level. You can also check out these decorative mirrors for more mirror options that you can hang in your space.

Use a Level

Again, hang your favorite mirrors by using a level. Find the center of the mirror and mark it with a pencil. Then, measure the distance between the top of the new mirror and the mark you made.

Make sure to measure the distance from the bottom of the mirror to the mark. Finally, use a level to draw a line between the top and bottom measurements. Hang the mirror on the line using screws or nails.

Use the Appropriate Hardware

If you want your mirrors to last and look great for many years to come, take the time to choose the appropriate hanging hardware. For a heavy mirror, use sturdy hangers with rates to support the weight of your mirror.

You can hang lightweight mirrors with picture wire or a small-diameter decorative cord. Hang your mirror at the desired height using picture hooks, mirror hangers, or adhesive wall hooks.

Learn How to Hang Your Decorative Mirrors Today

There are many mirror styles you can choose from. Hanging your favorite mirrors is easy and only requires a few materials. Follow these steps and you’ll have your mirrors up in no time.

Don’t forget to enjoy your new decoration! So, what are you waiting for? Hang your decorative mirrors today!

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