8 Ways to Promote Your Health Blogs (2022 Edition)

Want to promote your health blogs? This blog will explore on How to promote health blog.  So, what are the things that make your blogs engaging and effective? We will be discussing 8 ways which can help you get more traffic on your health blogs. In health and fitness blog writing you cannot just rely on your regular subscribers, you need to pull more interest in your content, business and in making yourself a trusted health blog writer. After executing these steps, the opportunities for growth that you have are endless.

So, lets explore some of the ways on “how to promote health blog”:

1.    Understanding your targeted audience

When writing your health tips blog knowing your targeted audience is really helpful. It helps you in knowing how much knowledge your audience has and how much background details you have to add in the blog, for example a doctor may have knowledge about most of the background details of the topic that you are writing about but on the other general public may not have the knowledge that is required to read the same topic, so in that case you have to add relevant details which will make it easier for them to read the blog. Understanding your audience also helps you choose where to publish your blog.

2.    Optimize your blogs for search

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in how much traffic you can attract through your blogs. Placing relevant keywords in titles, subheading, body and summary can help you optimize your blog for search.

3.    Guest Posting

Guest Posting original blog content on other affiliate blog websites can help you reach larger audience. There will times when readers will find your guest post interesting and most probably your guest post will be back linked to your blog and the reader can become a reader of your blogs.
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 This can be used to build reputation and become a trusted person in the field that you are blogging from and you can say it is the best way to create the contextual backlinks.

4.    Exciting titles

Titles is the thing that the audience will see first and having an attractive title will make the user gain interest in your blog. You should choose “Highly Clickable” title names which will make user categorize it as “Must-read” content.

5.    Trap your readers

To stand out from the crowd of bloggers you need to hook your readers from the first line. The first few seconds are really necessary if you can catch your reader’s interest in those few seconds then there is a much greater chance that they will read till the end. You can use bold or proactive statement right at the beginning to hook your audience, make opening such that your opening sucks in your audience and make them want to read more. Another good hook can be anecdote, these can draw an emotional attachment between the reader and the blog, this can lead to a higher chance of them reading right to the end.

6.    Blog with one idea

When you writing a blog focus on only one thing that is If you try to cram many things in one blog it will make the blog confusing and unengaging, so try to stick to only one topic in a single blog. When trying to connect between two or more issues it can be tempting to ignore this rule, but it’s worth keeping the rule in mind even if you can’t follow it to the letter. In these cases, try to keep your main topic in mind and make the other issues revolve around it. Cut out anything that doesn’t serve your thesis.

7.    Simple Language

Blogs are best written in plain language; they are not meant to show off your impressive vocabulary or grammar. Blogs are a way of communicating the information to large number of people briefly and fast. Complex terms and sentences can create a barrier between your audience and the information that you want to provide from your blog.

8.    Leveraging the social media networks

Traffic doesn’t just pour in just by publishing your blog. Reality is that you have to you have to spend time promoting your blog on various platforms. The meaning of this is to have your blog read from many places and also be present on the places where people would be looking for your answers.

You must be thinking How to promote my blog on Instagram or other social media platform, so here are few Places to promote your blog on and how to promote on them:

Creating a newsletter system of your blog where your audience can subscribe on mailing list. Emailing interested customer can help you get traffic effectively.

Twitter has always been about the fastest updates and trending topics. It can be great place for announcement and event updates, and by posting here you can increase your traffic. You can also use twitter to network with your current subscribe and new ones.

Facebooks gives a greater audience targeting and market understanding. It can be one of the best places to gain traffic from.

Instagram is being used more than ever than in the past. Instagram influencers can help you gain quite a large amount of traffic.

LinkedIn is a platform for professional networking. Advertising on LinkedIn can get you good traffic on your blog. But you have to provide genuine content to your readers. You can also build partnership in your LinkedIn network.

Reddit has these various subreddits which are based on particular topics. There’s a subreddit for everything. Posting on relevant subreddit can help you gain traffic. Most of the reddit users are able to make difference between genuine and fake posts so fake posts will be downvoted. So, try to keep the contents of the post genuine.


Nowadays people are turning towards web for the medical information, services and advice. Blogs can be a way to provide them the information they need. If you are new to blogging or even if you are an experienced blogger these tips can be helpful in getting your health blog more traffic.

So, What are you waiting for start writing your blogs and Be consistent with them.

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