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8 Signs It’s Time to Call a Locksmith in Nampa Idaho

Though we might not think about it much, locks are an integral part of our society. Without locks, our most valued possessions would be left vulnerable and we would forego much of the safety that we tend to take for granted. As such, it’s vital that we pay attention to our locks and react promptly whenever they require professional assessment.

Wondering how to tell whether the services of a professional locksmith are needed? Then read on. Here are 8 signs it’s time to call a locksmith in Nampa, Idaho.

1. You Just Moved Into a New Home

The first sign that you should call a locksmith is that you just moved into a new home. Why? Because you’re going to need to change the locks on all of your exterior doors.

This is true whether someone previously lived in your home or whether it was freshly built. In either case, there could be someone (the ex-homeowner, a friend of the ex-homeowner, a construction worker, etc.) who has a corresponding key to your locks. If someone has a corresponding key, your home is vulnerable.

The only reasonable solution is to change the locks entirely. Your local locksmith can help you with the task.

2. Someone Has Broken Into Your Home

Another sign that you need the services of a locksmith is that someone has broken into your home. If this is the case, and if the perpetrator didn’t come in through an unlocked door or window, your lock system is to blame.

It failed you once, and it could easily fail you again. As such, you need to replace it entirely.

There are all sorts of high-security locks out on the market today. Your local locksmith will not only install them for you but help you choose the best ones for your purposes as well.

3. Your Locks Look Worn

Your locks don’t need to lack functionality or security capabilities in order to trigger a replacement. Looking worn is reason enough for locks to be replaced.

So, if your locks have been slowly aesthetically destroyed by weather and physical trauma, you should think about making a change. This simple change will enhance the entire look of your home, upping its curb appeal.

Regardless of the types of locks that you’d like to install, there are many style options available to you. Just call your local locksmith and see what they have to offer.

4. Your Locks Aren’t Turning Easily

When functioning as intended, locks should engage and disengage with relative ease. You should be able to turn them with a simple flick of the wrist. If you’re finding it difficult to turn your locks, there is something wrong with them, and they require professional assessment.

The best-case scenario is that your locks just need a little lubrication. The worst-case scenario is that your locks are permanently damaged and need to be replaced. Alternatively, your locks could just need a small repair.

Your locksmith will determine the best course of action and facilitate it for you, ensuring that your locks are working to the best of their capabilities.

5. Your Locks Are Loose

Over time, locks tend to loosen up, separating from the doors and doorways upon which they’re installed. The looser they become, the more they struggle to function as intended. This results in security issues, thus making the affected home more and more vulnerable.

As such, if your locks are loose, you need to call up your local locksmith. Odds are, your locksmith will just tighten up your locks to ensure that they’re as secure as possible. That said, loose locks sometimes need to be replaced entirely.

An in-depth lock assessment will determine which course of action is most pertinent.

6. You Need to Duplicate Keys

Maybe you need to give a key to your child? Perhaps you need a key to give to your neighbor so that he can check your plants while you’re out of town? In any case, you need duplicate keys.

While you could make duplicate keys in a machine at, say, Walmart, you would be much better off going to a professional locksmith. A professional locksmith will produce a much more precise key, one that’s simple to use and turns with ease.

Locksmiths are also capable of using locks to make new keys. This is something that a machine at Walmart can’t do.

7. You’ve Locked Yourself Out

Generally speaking, door locks are on our side. However, if we engage them after forgetting to grab our keys, they can turn against us, locking us outside of our homes or cars.

Fortunately, there’s a damage-free way to get our keys back. All we have to do is call up a locksmith. Professional locksmiths have all of the tools and resources needed to unlock various doors. As such, they can get us back into our homes and vehicles after we’ve locked ourselves out.

So, don’t break that window. Just make a call, pay a small fee, and — voila! — you’ll have access to your property in no time.

8. You’re Looking to Go Key-free

The last sign that you need a locksmith is that you’re looking to go key-free. In other words, you’re looking to install electronic locks, and, in particular, electronic keypad locks.

Locksmiths are well-versed in the installation of electronic locks and will help you find the perfect lock for your home or business. Just make the call, and soon enough, you’ll be able to lock the door without bringing that annoying piece of metal with you everywhere.

Looking for a Reputable Locksmith in Nampa, Idaho?

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