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7 Signs You Need to Call Pest Control to Your Home

No one wants to see insects invading their home; whether you have cockroaches causing a mess, termites causing structural damage, or spiders crawling all over your walls, bugs are likely to be a problem.

It can be hard to tell when your home has a serious pest problem, though. How do you know if the ant you stepped on was a lone wanderer or part of an infestation? When do you call pest control?

You might be hesitant to contact professional pest control services until you’re sure you have a problem–after all, you don’t want to spend money only to find out that your pest issues were imaginary.

Several tell-tale signs will let you know if you are dealing with a pest infestation. Keep reading to learn about seven sure signs that you need to call pest control.

1. Odd Odors

Funky smells are never a good sign in your home, but you might not associate them with pests–most people assume the problem is related to mold or spoiled food.

Spoiled food may indeed be the problem: some pests will carry food off to remote parts of your home, where it rots. Bad smells may also result from pest droppings.

2. Insect Nests in Your Home

Bugs can hide in virtually any area of your home, so keep an eye out for pest signs like nests. You may find spiderwebs, anthills, or other nesting grounds in the dark corners of your house.

3. Droppings

One of the easiest ways to determine if you have a rodent problem is to look for droppings; mice will leave small droppings throughout your cabinets, attic, and other such areas.

Cockroaches and bedbugs also leave visible droppings, which look a bit like coffee grounds.

4. Gnaw Marks

If you’re finding holes in your fabric and gnaw marks on your sofa, you need to call a pest control service–you’ve probably got a problem with insects that make their homes in these areas.

Bed bugs and termites are particularly prone to causing this type of pest damage.

5. Strange Sounds

Noises like scratching, flapping, and squeaking are all indicators that you have a pest infestation; you’re hearing the pests scurrying around looking for food or shelter.

A tapping noise could indicate that you have termites.

6. Dead Pests

Finding dead pests usually means there are live ones nearby, too. You might not even find the entire body–it’s common to find shed wings or molted skin. Regardless, it indicates you’ve got an issue.

7. Pest Sightings

The unpleasant truth is, if you see a pest, it’s probably not alone. Where there’s one ant, mouse, or cockroach, there are others–and they’ll keep multiplying until you get pest control to take care of the problem.

Know When to Call Pest Control

If you think you have a pest problem, look for the signs above; if you find any of them, don’t wait–call pest control before the pests can cause serious issues for your health or your home!

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