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5 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Clean And Tidy

A neat, fresh bathroom makes it easy to begin the day feeling invigorated. A nice bathroom can also be ideal for relaxing in a tub and unwinding. Keeping bathrooms clean and organized can seem like a never-ending task, especially for families with children, and smaller bathrooms are often incredibly challenging. But, there are ways to ensure even the busiest and tiniest bathrooms remain tidy and appealing. 

1. Kill the Clutter 

Bathroom counters and under-sink areas are often catch-alls that become cluttered very quickly, but there are solutions. The first step is to clear everything from these areas and decide what you want to keep. Organize items and prioritize those used most often. Group them according to use, such as makeup, moisturizer, toothpaste, and bath products.  

Consider adding containers to under-sink areas to separate items and make them easier to find. Use containers like attractive toothbrush holders or soap dishes to hold things you keep on counters. If you have a pedestal sink and no counter space, replacing it with a vanity can add instant storage, and suppliers offer a wide range of choices. It’s easy to locate styles for every taste in stores, and you’ll find more available at Unique Vanities.

 2. Find Creative Storage Solutions

The more storage a bathroom has, the easier it is to keep it tidy, and you don’t have to stick with conventional solutions. In addition to organizing under-sink and counter surfaces, you can install shelving that adds visual interest and holds anything from towels to bath products.  

According to Homes & Gardens experts, the back of the door is an often forgotten but functional storage area. Install a hook for robes or a rail that can hold washcloths and towels. If you have the space, an extra shelf inside a door is ideal for tucking away personal items. Add a hanging basket inside a vanity door to create the perfect storage area for styling tools.

3. Make Use of Towel Bars 

Install as many towel racks as necessary to hold your family’s towels and washcloths. Racks can hold clean, dry towels so they are ready to use and allow towels and washcloths to dry. 

Locate racks near the sink and shower or bath for convenience. In small bathrooms, use towel bars to expand storage. Towel bars are versatile and can be used to hold items like containers with hooks or cleaning supplies inside a cabinet door. 

4. Control Moisture

Per Good Housekeeping, moisture control is key to minimizing bathroom upkeep. Moisture can lead to mildew, which is unattractive and difficult to remove, so it’s crucial to keep bathrooms as dry as possible.  

Hang a squeegee in the shower and wipe down the shower walls after each use. Keep a window open, and turn on the exhaust fan during showers. Leaving the door open a bit also helps reduce moisture buildup. Spraying walls with moisture repellent products like RainX encourages water to run off walls and makes cleaning easier.

5. Switch to Long-Lasting Cleaners 

The cleaning products you use can help reduce work. Several bathroom cleaning products are designed to help sinks, toilets, and tubs resist stains for as long as a week. Products include Mr. Clean Bath Cleaner and Lysol’s Click Gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  

Keeping a bathroom neat and clean can be difficult, but professional organizers offer a few tips that can simplify the task. First, remove clutter, and then create a storage area for every item. Countertops and the under-sink areas are ideal, but you can also use towel racks, hooks, shelves, and containers to expand storage space. Keeping bathrooms clean is easier when you use moisture repellent products and long-lasting cleaners.


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