5 Tips for Selecting Small Business Intranet Solutions in 2021

Does the thought of taking on your intranet twitch your eye? If so, you’re not alone. With digital workplace requirements becoming more complex by the day, organizations are turning to small business intranet solutions to bridge the communication gaps. 

While there has been substantial disbelief about the open-source movement, the framework of intranet solutions has evolved recently. Furthermore, the pandemic companies have disclosed streamlined remote working and created a better cloud-based space for their team. 

Suppose you store documents and content stored in different locations that aren’t aligned with business applications. As a result, employees spend time finding documents or asking questions, navigating through project management platforms to measure key performance indicators. 

At the same time, with myriad cloud-based collaboration and productivity software alternatives, it is tough to figure out the internal portal for employees. In comparison, some technology products may not sync with your needs or require additional customizations with the right features. Furthermore, employers should consider the recurring costs associated with the selection of small business intranet solutions. Say, if you’re working on business intranet projects that require flexible or open source management, Microsoft Sharepoint is the best choice. 

The success of the following key factors that employers should consider when evaluating intranet for small businesses

Prioritize Content 

You want your digital workspace packed full of activity, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Modern intranet solutions are all about communication with teams across offices and channels. Therefore, good internal communication software should be user friendly for viewing and managing content. Moreover, it should allow notifications to appear in an array of ways for users. For example, Workplace by Facebook offers shared knowledge of the library, integration with Google Drive and Zoom, persistent chat rooms, and more.

Rewards and Recognition 

If you want an intranet that encourages engagement and recognises employees when they exceed their expectations in the digital workplace, we suggest you gamify your intranet experience. Moreover, you’re encouraging good behaviour and publicly reinforcing your company values. 

Custom Security Settings 

With many intranet software, you will notice restricted functionality per job role through the company’s active directory. But responsibilities can change based on project requirements. Moreover, intranet solutions allow visibility into the data protection you employ based on each employee’s role. 

Users today need the highest level of visibility, appropriate access, and a smooth interface experience without compromising with security in communication tools. 

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Importance on Integration 

One of the bigger challenges facing the modern digital workplace is noise. With notifications swamping in from Yammer, Gmail, to Slack, employees juggle between the workspace tools. Intranet solutions should allow ample integrations making that juggling manageable. For streamlining your work productivity, we suggest you select a platform that integrates personal productivity apps and enterprise systems into a central destination that aligns with your teams and your line of business. 

On top of integration, an intranet solution should help users find the tools they want with the increased importance of federated functionality. This feature enables users to search all their applications and tools within the platform. For example, employees could set their search through the Microsoft Sharepoint repository, in addition to navigating through their Igloo workplace for documents. 

We recommend you list out the most commonly used employee tools that ensure that the chosen intranet portal for employees streamlines the daily functions of their employees. 

In Conclusion

If you haven’t purchased small business intranet solutions yet for employees, make simplicity your top priority. Before you push the change button, understand how employees find and share information in the current environment. 

A user-friendly mentality goes a long way in integrating workforce productivity and streamlining how people work. 

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