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5 Times You Should Hire a Dumpster for Household Use

The commercial dumpster rental market is thriving thanks to government waste management initiatives and should grow by another 2.2% in 2022.

In many municipalities, businesses stand to benefit from tax deductions for making use of dumpster services. The EIA’s marketing drives to educate people around waste management are also creating increasing awareness around the issues.

Did you know that there are many instances where homeowners can also benefit when they hire a dumpster? Keep reading to discover when residential dumpster rental is a good idea for you.

1. During Home Renovations

The adage, ‘out with the old, and in with the new’ is the point of home renovations. That means you’ll generate a lot of junk in the process.

You’ll need to make space for your home’s new features. For instance, if you’re replacing your floor, you’ll need to dispose of the old one first.

Your project might involve tearing out drywall to create open-plan rooms, removing wallpaper, or upgrading defunct appliances.

If you’re replacing your roof, every square foot of roof the contractor tears off can create up to 360 pounds of debris for recycling or disposal.

2. Landscaping Projects

A landscaping project might generate mostly organic waste, but you still need to dispose of it. You might think that landscaping involves little waste, but once you get started, it soon piles up.

Unwanted trees and shrubs, leaves, and turf can easily become a mountain of unwanted items.

Likewise, a turbulent storm can easily create a dumpster load of vegetation that you can’t remove under your own steam.

3. Neighborhood Clean-Ups

If you live in a community-minded place, chances are you get together for a clean-up every so often. These might involve cleaning up trash, getting rid of dilapidated sheds, or community landscaping.

Whatever your reasons for working together, local dumpster rental makes lighter work of it, and it’s easy to enjoy cheap dumpster rental when everyone chips in.

4. Hire a Dumpster for Decluttering

Moving to another home or spring-cleaning your old one is always a good time to get rid of items you haven’t used for a long time. Once you’ve sold everything you can, you’ll find you still have a pile of junk to dispose of.

Having a dumpster on hand prevents it all from ending up back in your house or garage once again.

5. Recycling Initiatives

Is your neighborhood ready to get behind recycling? Centrally-located dumpsters can make it easier for everyone to stick to the plan.

Once your glass, metal, and paper bins are full, the dumpster service will deliver them to the appropriate recycling depot without any fuss.

Happy Endings

When you hire a dumpster, you make light work of an aspect that’s often last on your mind during an exciting home improvement project. A pile of unwanted waste is the last thing you want to cope with once you’re ready to enjoy the spoils of your efforts.

Don’t let waste put a damper on your sense of achievement. With a dumpster onsite, this trash stays mostly out of sight after the fact, but the dumpster hire service will get it out of your life for good before too long.

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