5 Reasons Why You Need an Industrial Shredder Machine

In 2020 the global industrial shredder market reached a value of $830.4 million.

An industrial shredder machine may seem like an unnecessary expense, but there are several ways in which they can help your business.

For five of the main reasons to begin using an industrial shredder, keep reading.

1. Protect Your Customers

Security is one of the leading concerns amongst companies across all industries. One major aspect of this is concerning the handling of personal data.

These days most businesses handle personal data in some capacity. This data can be names, contact details, social security numbers, and more.

If any personal data is not properly destroyed, it could be obtained and used improperly. Shredding any such data before discarding it greatly reduces the risk of any such issues.

If paper documents are all that needs to be destroyed, a mini industrial shredder will be plenty.

2. Protect Your Workers

Beyond just customer data, companies also handle the personal data of employees. Similarly, if this data is not disposed of correctly, it could get out.

Identity theft is becoming more prevalent with time and can be devastating for victims. Because of this, it is also very important to make employees aware of the sort of data they may need to destroy before throwing it in the trash.

3. Regulation Compliance

Protecting sensitive data is not just good business practice. There are rules and regulations in place to dictate the storage and disposal of such data.

Some examples of these regulations include:

All businesses have to follow any regulations that apply to their given industry. It is essential to make sure your business follows these regulations and disposes of sensitive data properly.

4. Environmental Benefits

A heavy-duty industrial shredder can destroy scrap metal, making it suitable for recycling. Reusing metal saves on the demand for natural resources for manufacturing.

Landfills can produce 650 billion cubic feet of methane per year. Shredding and reusing waste helps to reduce this.

A clothes shredder can reduce material into smaller controlled outputs and can help companies with fiber reclamation.

It has previously been the standard to dispose of used tires by burning and then bulldozing them. This releases toxic gases that travel through the air and eventually fall as pollutants.

This was eventually made illegal, and tires would be buried instead. Now with the use of industrial shredders, tires can be recycled similarly to metal – shredded down and remade into new products.

5. Public Relations

The reasons above tie back to public relations. A positive public image will be created by demonstrating that your company cares about protecting the data of customers and clients, and is environmentally conscious.

A good public image is a strong benefit for companies in any industry.

Is an Industrial Shredder Machine Really Worth It?

It’s about more than shredding paper. Using an industrial shredder machine shows your company can be trusted, and that you care about the well-being of people and the planet.

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