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5 Important Questions to Ask a Custom Home Builder Before Hiring Them

According to the NAHB, between 2010 and 2019, there were 1.53 million custom home-building starts.

You’ve had this big dream of building a custom home that fits your personality and style. After finally getting the capital to build, you’re searching for the best custom home builders. However, you have no idea how to evaluate a home builder.

Read along to get five important questions to ask a custom home builder before hiring them.

1. Which Other Projects Do You Have In Progress?

One of the questions to ask when interviewing a custom home builder is if they have any other ongoing projects. That way, you can do a site visit to see the kind of work they do and the safety measures their employees take. You can take that chance to interact with the crews to know the process of building custom homes.

If you get the chance to find the project in its final stages, you’ll have an idea of how the final product looks. From there, you can judge with your own eyes if the company has the capability to build what you want.

2. Are You Custom Home Builders or Spec Builders?

There is a thin line between custom home builders and specifications home builders. Custom home builders build a home once they get a buyer, and it conforms to the buyer’s specifications. Spec builders build homes even before they get a buyer; they customize the house depending on the stage at which they find a buyer.

3. How Many Years of Experience Do You Have In Building Homes?

When looking for a custom home builder, a question you ought to ask is how long they have been building homes. A company with many years of experience is more likely to deliver quality work and on time. This is because they have established systems that work in their favor to deliver work that exceeds their client’s expectations.

You don’t want a scenario where you hire a company starting in the industry, and they take forever to build your home. Custom home builders with adequate experience in the industry will offer you advice on design and materials to use. A general rule of thumb is to consider a custom home building company with over five years of experience.

4. How Long Will It Take To Build My Home?

One of the questions to ask when building a custom home is how long it will take the builder to complete your home. Failing to complete the home on the delivery date is one of the most common complaints to custom home builders. Ask the company to estimate how long it will take them to complete your home to have an idea when it’s going to be ready.

It’s also advisable to get timelines on the different stages of building to track their progress. Ask which circumstances can make the company fail to complete the house within the estimated timelines.

5. Do They Accept Changes During the Building Process?

This question helps you understand the flexibility of custom home builders. In most cases, the answer will be yes, but it depends on the stage of construction.

Questions to Ask a Custom Home Builder to Get the Best

Getting a custom home builder should no longer be a mentally draining task. With the above questions to ask a custom home builder, you can rest assured to get the best.

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