5 essentials to look for before choosing a coworking space

Coworking is a type of office arrangement where members pay to use a shared working environment. Members typically have access to common areas and resources located on the premises of the provider, such as Wi-Fi, telephone, conference rooms, kitchens, etc.

The concept was first popularized in Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom in the mid-1990s when internet entrepreneurs started leasing unused commercial space and outfitting it with computers and telephones for their employees.

Finding the right place to set up your flagship business is critical. Not just for your employees and collaborators, but for you too. When choosing where to house your startup, quite a few considerations come into play. With that in mind, here are some things you should remember when deciding on the best location for coworking space NYC. 

– Is it centrally located?

This is crucial because visitors can find your office easily, ensuring it’s not hidden in the shadows. It also means people won’t have to travel far from their homes or offices if they want to visit often.

– Is it cost-effective? 

Standard office space in a central location is likely more expensive than a Coworking office space in Chicago. However, the latter is often a more cost-effective option because of its flexible pricing 

– Will you be able to rent out the space easily? 

In this sense, coworking spaces will keep the price down at least partly as people can book in and out whenever they want without paying a monthly rate.

– Is it a business incubator or accelerator? 

They are both similar in that they help small businesses like yours get off the ground, but there are some crucial differences between them. An incubator usually allows startups to rent space for a specific amount of time and help them turn their ideas into something real by providing mentoring services and office space. An accelerator is more like a coworking space where your company can come in and out as they need to without being tied down to a bound commitment of time.

– Is it close to transportation and other main roads

Your business may be based in a city with limited access to mass transit. However, there are still options to make it easier on your employees. When choosing a location, find one that’s near the subway, bus station, or train station so your employees can easily commute to work.


The choice of the perfect private office space for rent or coworking space is quite subjective. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind, now more than ever, with the rising popularity of coworking spaces. Regardless, it’s best to find a central location accessible via public transport and offers flexible pricing and room sizes, which save on costs and provide some flexibility. For starters, it enables you to work in a collaborative and productive environment, surrounded by people who will help you learn new skills and share knowledge. It is also much more affordable than buying office space or hiring an entire office. Provided by the operator of the space, coworking spaces offer business-friendly rates that can be tailored to your budget.

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