5 best Thinkific alternatives & Competitors in 2021:

In this blog, you clearly know about Thinkific Alternatives. You know many tremendous and robust platforms to build your respective school for any teaching online. You can create your own website quickly and easily through those platforms. You do not need a huge investment to create your own digital platform, as these platforms make everything as easy as possible for every customer.

Thinkific is one of the most well-known and robust platforms for the online teaching industry, but now it is not the best platform. They usually pride themselves on being one of the top and best online course creators, but now many users disagree. Let’s know why it happens.

Flaws of the THINKIFIC platform:

The following are the flaws of the thinkific platform, and these are the main flaws that every user gets and decides to go for Thinkific alternatives:

Support: They do not provide any chat support to all users.

Technical issues: many technical issues make the website look dull.

Price: The pricing plan of this platform is too expensive when compared to some platforms. They don’t give any refunds, and the starter plan price is $49, which is too high.

If you face a problem with the flaws of Thinkific and are looking for an alternative platform to create your online course. If yes, this article will help you more to make your work easy without searching so much on google. In this article, you will know about the five best thinkific alternatives & competitors in 2021 and also about pros and cons that help you decide what suits and best for you.

5 best Thinkific alternatives & Competitors in 2021

 1. FreshLMS:

 FreshLMS is the best Thinkific alternative, and it is the world’s one number platform. This platform helps you create your own personalized online teaching platform, and you can build and sell the course within 60 minutes. The best part of this platform is that you do not need any coding knowledge, and also you can use it without writing a single line of code.

The user interface is so simple and easy to understand. It is an all-round online courses platform that aims to empower its creators. You have the best and friendly support team to clear all your issues, and even updations are also fast compared to other platforms. Their features of these platforms make these FreshLMS undoubtedly as the best Thinkific Alternative.


The following are the features of FreshLMS:

·   Unlimited courses and students

·   Integrated with both email marketing and affiliate marketing

·   You can connect directly with all your audience.

·   Live one-on-one lessons and call hostings

·   Payments are accepted from any currency.

·   Drag-and-drop course builder


Price: It is very cheap to get started from this platform when compared to Thinkific. The monthly charges are:

Basic: $ 99 lifetime

Starter: $199 lifetime

No Brainer: $299 lifetime

You can clearly observe prices and compare with all the platforms you feel are really worthy of using FreshLMS.

User experience: the user interface is excellent, and you can easily customize all your sales and check-out pages. The drag and drop options can quickly build your course, and this option makes your work easy.

New features addition: They frequently update the payment gateway options and also update new features every month. So you’ll never feel confused, irritated since innovation comes frequently.

Tech elements: Many tech elements like Automatic SSL certification, content security, Stripe, and Paypal payment gateways.

Easy to use: you do not need any technical knowledge while set up.

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Teachable is one of the Thinkific alternatives  and it is the preferable option, especially for every beginner, because it does not need coding knowledge. In the beginning, you can start using for free and create your courses as you like, with no restrictions.

Teachable gives quality courses to every user, sell eBooks and other services, and anyone can easily, fastly set up their workshops or conferences.


The following are the features of Teachable:

·   You can link your existing websites to the Teachable platform under a custom domain

·   Unlimited lessons and students

·   Integrated email marketing.

·   Affiliate marketing

·   Live one-on-one lessons and call hostings

·   Payments accepted in 130+ currencies


The following are the pros of Teachable:

Price: It’s very cheaper to start on this particular platform when compared to Thinkific. The monthly charges are:

Basic: $39

Pro: $119

Business: $299

User experience: You can quickly and fastly customize your respective sales and check-out pages. The drag and drop course builder option will help you to make your course in less time.

New features addition: They can frequently update all payment gateways and update every new feature every month.

Tech elements: Automatic SSL certification, Paypal payment gateways, Stripe, content security.


Support: Call support option is not available, and basic members do not access live chat support. To get live chat, you need to buy the “pro” membership.

Migration service: There is

No migration services from the Thinkific platform.


Kajabi is a perfect thinkific alternative, and it is an absolutely all-in-one tool for any course creation and selling in the market. Moreover, it gives good supports while you are creating any online courses to video hosting.

It also helps everyone to create huge landing pages and funnels. You can also control it by using your mobile phone, and it contains some best features for building your respective brand.


The following are the features of KAJABI:

·   Customized certificates.

·   Build every email lists along with landing page viewers and contact information.

·   SEO optimized blog creations, especially for your website.


The following are the pros of KAJABI

Very Ease to use: Kajabi platform is very easy to use, and You do not require any technical knowledge to track all your customer statistics.

Tech elements: The servers always run very smoothly, and you can make a backup in a few clicks away. The SSL certification is completed in less time, and your content is secure from hackers.


The following are the cons of KAJABI

Price: very high price, and it does not have any free plan.

Basic: $149

Growth: $199

Pro: $399

Kajabi Pricing is Very expensive compare with other alternatives

Migration service: 

They did not provide migration services, so you need to find the process to migrate your website through other third-party applications.

Support: no call support and chat support, especially if you choose a basic plan.

New feature addition: they do not provide any updates until every two months.  


Lessonly is an alternative to thinkific, and it is a cloud-based e-learning management system that usually allows every user to build, and share their courses and activity from a single interface. It is mainly used by all customer service teams and sales teams. Lessonly can even control through your mobile phone. Every user can also create unlimited courses and lessons, audio, images, video, utilizing text, and more. 

Features of Lessonly:

The following are the features of Lessonly:

·   Unlimited courses

·   Get more sales


The following are the pros of Lessonly:

Easy to use: Lessonly platform is very easy to use, and you can easily create many different courses on it.


Lessonly platform is affordable with some best features compared to other platforms.


You will get the best support from the Lessonly platform.

Cons of Lessonly:

The following are the cons of Lessonly:

Lack of features:

Compared other platform Lessonly is a lack in many features.

For example, sometimes, you may get repeated training videos.


LearnWorlds is one of the alternatives to Thinkific alternatives, and it is very simple, best, reliable and easy to use compared to that platform. It is a robust online training platform especially to educate all the people or train all your employees or create your respective course and earn money by selling it to the required customers.

 It is easy and flexible on this LearnWorlds platform to create a simple, fast, beautiful and branded SEO-optimized website for your respective business.

LearnWorlds Features:

The following are the features of LearnWorlds:

•       You can add quizzes.

•       Versatile Course Experience.

•       Excellent video e-learning.

•       Build a Website.

·   Engaging and best Effective training       

·   Create your own ebook.

•       Get many Criteria of Service.

•       Unlimited Courses

• Video Library

Pros of LearnWorlds:

The following are the pros of LearnWorlds:

Easy to use:

LearnWorlds platform is very easy to use, and you did not need any knowledge regarding coding.

Advanced Features:

This platform adds some Advanced Features to attract customers.

Excellent Learning Experience:

Every user can have an excellent learning experience with videos, quizzes.

Cons of LearnWorlds:

The following are the cons of LearnWorlds:

•       High price: LearnWorlds is high price compared to other platforms.

•       Limited Built-In Payment Options.

•       Limited Built-In Membership Options.

Conclusion: from the above information, you clearly know that FreshLMS is the best choice to grow more than other platforms. Better to choose FreshLMS and buy them to learn and earn. 

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