5 Benefits of Wrapping a Vehicle

Most cars lose 60 percent of their value after five years of ownership. This is often due to significant mileage usage and other damages. Without the proper exterior covering, your car would deteriorate faster than before.

Luckily, wrapping a vehicle can protect its resale value and improve its durability. If you are curious about car wrap and its benefits, we can help. Continue reading to learn more about this protective method.

1. Protection Against Scratch and Abrasion

Your vehicle’s paint can be scuffed by a simple body rub, improper cleaning tools, and pet claw marks. You don’t have the time or energy to worry about these variables.

You will need a vinyl car wrap. This is a high-quality material composed of high-density urethane vinyl film.

2. Various Car Wrap Colors and Designs

Spray painting the automobile from the hood to the stripes takes weeks. A little blunder might even derail your preparations for the next auto show. All of those concerns are alleviated by car wrapping.

You can hire experts, like to print your design on vinyl film. They can have it installed on your vehicle within a day or two. The options are endless; you can have a metallic finish, carbon fiber vinyl wrap, or red glossy chrome matte.

3. Marketing Opportunities

Vehicle wraps can help promote your company. You can customize coverings with your company’s name, logo, and website.

You can draw people’s attention with vivid, eye-catching visuals. Quality wraps make it easier to reach out to prospects and turn them into customers.

4. Protects Resale Value

Most secondhand buyers prefer the vehicle’s original finish. This is because the resale value is protected. Plus, basic colors are more saleable than custom ones.

Vibrant colors can reduce your selection of possible buyers. Choose a red Kia Rio or a silver-gray Suzuki Swift and have it covered in a vinyl film. If you decide to sell it, you can have your red or silver-gray automobile back whenever you want.

5. Easy to Maintain

You don’t have to deal with the daunting process of keeping your car clean. Car wraps are easy to clean and maintain in proper condition. All you need is an appropriate cleaning solution for your car cover.

Hand cleaning is a superior approach to preserving your car cover. Cleaning it once a week is a good maintenance strategy.

Wrapped Vehicle and Car Wash

You can take your covered vehicle to a brushless car wash. Brush vehicle washes might be too harsh on the film. This can cause it to degrade and peel.

Cleaning Spots on a Car Wrap

Isolate spots with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. After washing, rinse the area with cold water. Don’t use tire dressing, it creates stains on the wrap.

When the wrap is hot, avoid cleaning it. This might distort the cloth and produce wrinkles.

Pressure to Wash a Car Wrap

To wash vehicle wraps, maintain the pressure of less than 2,000 psi. Keep the water temperature below 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use a spray nozzle with a 40-degree wide-angle spray pattern. Ensure an adequate distance of at least 12 inches between the spray nozzle and the car’s edges.

More Info on Wrapping a Vehicle

An exterior covering is one of the best ways to protect your car from the weather and other elements. A quality vinyl wrap can keep the paint in excellent condition for a longer duration. This will retain its value better when it comes time to sell.

Plus, wrapping a vehicle makes it more durable by protecting it from scratches and dings. For extra protection or more info on a car wrap cost, we can help. Be sure to check out our blog posts today.


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