5 Benefits of Using CBD for Your Pets

CBD proves beneficial to us in many ways, from easing pain, anxiety to offsetting depression and PTSD. However, CBD may also help treat various conditions in pets. With many CBD products in the market, you must have come across them and wondered if they can benefit your dog or cat.

Well, just like with CBD for humans, research on the effects of CBD on animals is in its infancy. And while your vet might not prescribe CBD for your pet, anecdotal evidence shows CBD can help manage some health disorders.

Read on to find out the top five benefits of CBD for pets.

Top 5 Ways CBD Can Benefit Your Pets

CBD Helps Reduce Anxiety in Pets

Our furry friends also go through bouts of anxiety as we do. Some of the situations that make our pets experience anxiety include separation from their owners, thunderstorms, abandonment, and being around strangers. Severe stress can cause them to flee their homes or become aggressive.

For instance, dogs going through bouts of separation anxiety can’t get comfortable when left alone at home. Anxiety in pets manifests itself in unpleasant behaviors, such as defecating and urinating in the house. Anxious pets can also be unfriendly towards us.

Infusing your Pet’s treats with CBD can help pets overcome anxiety, especially noise-induced anxiety. CBD alleviates anxiety by suppressing serotonin levels. Serotonin is the stress hormone that makes humans and animals anxious. Infuse your pet’s food with the best full spectrum CBD oil or feed them with edibles to help manage anxiety naturally.

CBD Can Give Your Pets a Healthy Coat and Skin

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Pets need daily care to maintain their coats and skin appearance. Skin allergies, lack of proper nutrition, and pests such as ticks can ruin your pet’s coat and skin. Some dog breeds can develop skin conditions as a result of hormonal changes.

CBD oil can provide therapeutic properties to help treat your pet’s skin conditions. Using CBD oil topically on your pet can help improve its fur texture, giving your pet a healthy and smooth coat. It moisturizes and enriches skin because it packs anti-inflammatory properties that help combat inflammation that stems from skin infections. The fatty acids in the CBD oil help optimize skin health in pets. CBD oil is ideal for older pets at risk of shedding off fur since it keeps the coat smooth and intact.

CBD is An Effective Painkiller for Pets

Pets also experience pain like us. Pain in pets can result from injuries, infections, and multiple health conditions that make our furry friends suffer in pain. Fractures and surgery can also induce pain in pets. Research backs the efficacy of CBD oil in treating osteoarthritis and other painful conditions in pets.

CBD relieves pain by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), modulating pain-sensing systems. Interacting with the pet’s neurotransmitters helps reduce pain and inflammation.

Research findings show that CBD effectively manages chronic pain in animals and can help cure chronic pain in pets.

CBD Improves Joint and Bone Health in Pets

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Aging comes with arthritis which causes pain in pets. Your pet may be experiencing arthritic pain if it shows reluctance to move. Pets going through this debilitating pain also limp around while walking. Pets licking or biting the affected areas might also be a good sign of arthritic pain.

Applying CBD oil on the affected parts can relieve arthritic pain. CBD oil will interact directly with your pet’s endocannabinoid system, ultimately alleviating chronic pain. It is an anti-inflammatory agent and a natural painkiller, making it the perfect solution to the debilitating pain from arthritis.

Some dog breeds such as Labradors, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers are highly prone to arthritis. Massaging these breeds with CBD oil can positively impact their joint and bone health. You can also mix CBD oil with your pet’s regular food to disguise the taste of CBD.

CBD Can Stimulate Your Pet’s Appetite

Appetite loss is a significant concern to every pet owner as it stops the pets from eating. The longer your pet goes without eating, the more the pet will miss out on calories and essential nutrients. Appetite loss can also make pets get skinny, exposing the furry mates to the risk of malnutrition. Without food, pets stand a high likelihood of sinking into illness.

CBD stimulates appetite in pets, just as in humans. So, infusing your pet’s food with CBD will boost its appetite allowing them to take in all essential nutrients that make them grow strong and healthy. CBD also reduces nausea, thus helping your pet regain its appetite.

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CBD offers several health benefits for pets, and these are just some of the top benefits. Although CBD is beneficial for pets, there is a need for more research on its effects. So, before introducing any CBD pet product to your furry mate, talk to your vet.

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