4 reasons why using a cryo cuff is the best solution for tennis elbow

Tennis elbow, alternatively known as lateral elbow pain or lateral epicondylitis, is an inflammation of the tendons that join the forearm muscles to the outside of the elbow. It results from overusing the forearm muscles and tendons around the elbow joint. The tennis elbow is characterized by recurring pain, swelling, and redness on the outside of the upper forearm.

Ideally, the condition has been called tennis elbow since more than half of the tennis players are bound to be diagnosed with it at a point in their career. This is attributed to the repetitive use of the particular muscle. However, the condition does not affect tennis players only. According to statistics, tennis elbow affects between 1 to 3% of the population in the United States of America. With the prevalent ages being between 30 and 50 years of age.

Primarily, tennis elbow is caused by incorrect arm movement. However, other sources of the condition include:

Solution for tennis elbow

Despite there being other options for treating tennis elbow, the cryo cuff is unarguably the best treatment method. The cryo cuff is a piece of equipment anatomically designed to fit the elbow, knee, or wrist for cold therapy. It is fitted with a detached cooler where ice cubes are added. In essence, the cryo cuff combines the therapeutic effect of compression and cold to minimize pain from the tennis elbow. See more where you can find a cryo cuff for yourself.

Why cryo cuffs?

Quick treatment method

You will get immediate results when you apply a cryo cuff on the affected area. It is mildly painful at first, but the pain subdues in only minutes. On average, it only takes a week to fully recover from tennis elbow when using cryotherapy. The effectiveness of the method is also evident from the recommended application time. Five minutes of cryotherapy twice a day is all it takes to treat tennis elbow. According to research studies, the use of cryo stuff for tennis elbow treatment fasten the recovery time by 50%

Significantly increases circulation

The inflammation as a result of tennis elbow applies pressure on the blood vessels, therefore, preventing blood and nutrient flow. However, the cryo cuff remedies this by improving circulation in the upper forearm. It is proven that the method improves circulation up to four times. Resultantly, the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and repair cells access the affected area four times faster. This, in turn, fastens the healing process.

Activates hormonal response

In case of inflammation, the body’s mechanism is supposed to release norepinephrine, which is an anti-inflammatory hormone. This hormone is used to minimize the inflammation between the tendon and surrounding sheath. By using cold therapy, the hormone release process is fastened. Additionally, the cryo cuff also facilitates the release of endorphins which instantaneously alleviate pain in the affected area.

Less painful method

Cryotherapy is only mildly painful during the first time of application. However, after increased circulation of nutrients and repair of cells in the area, there is minimal pain. Additionally, its faster healing nature makes you experience minimal pain.

Cryo cuff has proved to be an effective non-surgical treatment for pain caused by tennis elbow. It achieves to alleviate the pain through cold therapy and applying pulsating pressure on the injured area. Its effectiveness and fastness in healing make cryo cuffs unmatched.

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