4 Hacks for Assembling a Firearm in a Day

When you are building a firearm, time is important. Building a firearm can take many months to complete (if you are buying one accessory or piece at a time). However, it does not need to be like this. If you want the process to be a lot quicker, then you can look at building a firearm in a day – because this is possible and easy to achieve when you follow the right steps. 

So, what do the right steps look like?

  1. Preparation and Planning are Key

To begin with, you must focus your efforts on planning and preparation. You must establish what firearm you want to build, and you must then assemble all of the components. 

To successfully build a firearm in a day, you will need to have access to the correct parts. If you do not have all of the parts then your progress will be stalled. Some parts and accessories can come from a supplier within a few days or a week, and some can take longer. So, yes, building a firearm in a day is possible, but collecting all of the guidance, parts and components that you need may take longer. The more preparation and planning that you can do, then the smoother the whole process will be.

  1. The Right Equipment, Components and Tools

Writing down a list of components and parts that you need is important, as it is easy to overlook (and forget) key items. For example, a receiver is an essential piece of kit for your firearm. An 80 lower receiver allows you to build a firearm in less than a day. Not having this ready to go and use could be disastrous to your build, and it could set you back. 

You will also need basic tools such as a hammer, a Torx Driver Set and a screwdriver set too. If you try to build your firearm without these tools you will get frustrated, and you will not enjoy the process as much.

  1. Your Workbench

Once you have everything together, you want to be sure that it all stays together, safe and in one place when you are putting together your firearm. You do not want to be searching for pieces, and you certainly do not want to be wasting time trying to hunt for lost components. Building a specific workbench or work area for where you will build your firearms will be beneficial. When you are building a workbench, you need to think about the size. 

  1. Knowledge and Awareness are Important

To successfully build your firearm in a day, you must have a good deal of awareness and knowledge about what you are doing and what you are constructing. If you are just learning about firearms, guns and rifles, then give yourself time to learn more about components and their uses. Do not rush the process as you may overlook or completely miss out on a key component. Building your awareness and knowledge by watching online tutorials or by joining local gun clubs.

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