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4 Brilliant Tips to Design and Build a Fantastic Fence for Your Home

The white picket fence once symbolized the American Dream and was visual shorthand for the good life. Although some people still dream of having a white picket fence, others dream bigger.

If you want to design and build a fence of your choice, you need to figure out what look fits your home. The process of building a fence takes time, but with the right steps, you’ll be on track.

Keep reading to learn how to build a fence.

1. Consider Your Fencing Needs

Before you build a fence, think about what you want the fence for. Fences can add privacy and security to your yard. They can also help keep pets and small children maintained.

Some people want to learn how to build a fence purely for the style aspect it brings to a home. When you know what the fence is for, you’ll have an easier time planning out the design.

2. Choose a Design

Your design consideration pool will be smaller when you know what your fence is for. For example, an open fence design won’t be right for those seeking privacy or safety for their home.

Fences come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. The classic picket fence look is an American favorite that can look good on almost any property.

Round rail fences are standard on large urban properties like ranches and farms. If you want a rural feel to your yard, this is the design to go with.

You’ll be looking at your fence for years to come, so don’t rush choosing a design that works for your needs.

3. Check Local Regulations

Building a fence gate or building a garden fence might be difficult depending on the regulations in your area. Fence regulations tend to vary from county to county.

A historic area often has strict rules regarding fencing and home exterior design.

Boundary maps can help you when it comes to your neighbors. Neighbors can have a say in the type of fence you get if it interferes with airflow and light on their property.

4. Compare Costs

In any guide to building a fence, you’ll be told to compare costs before investing.

It is always recommended to splurge on durable fencing materials to have a lasting fence. If you can’t afford to spend a bit extra, consider waiting until you can.

Different fence companies will have their own price points and labor costs. Even if you DIY a fence, you’ll have to compare the cost of materials between various companies.

Costs will influence the layout of the fence. Don’t forget to consider fence maintenance costs as well.

Build a Fence That You Love Now

Learning how to build a fence is an easy process when you follow the above steps. Even if you aren’t handy enough to DIY your fence, you can be part of the design process to create a fence that you’ll love.

Your fencing needs and design considerations will be the most important factors. From there, it’s all about double-checking local regulations and comparing the cost of materials and/or labor.

Building a fence is a home improvement investment you can start right now. For more advice on home projects, check out the other posts on our blog.


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