3 Steps for Writing a Book in 30 Days

According to one study, 81% of Americans feel as though they have a book in them.

If you feel as though you’ve got a story to tell, you might want to write a book. That said, you may not know how to write something as long as a book, especially when you’re just used to writing emails.

This post will provide you with some tips that’ll help you write a book in 30 days. If you follow these tips, you’ll turn your dream of writing a book into a reality.

Let’s begin!

1. Work on a Rough Outline

If you want to write a book, it’s a good idea to start working on a rough outline.

An outline will organize your thoughts, as it’ll help you figure out exactly what your book will cover. It’ll also help you mentally prepare yourself, as you’ll know how much work will be ahead of you.

When writing an outline for your book, you need to make sure you do not overcomplicate things.

Just write out the different titles for each chapter, and then note down 3-5 bullet points that explain what will be covered within each section.

2. Should You Write It?

Once you’ve developed an outline for your book, you’ll then be at the point where you need to start churning out content.

However, if you don’t think you have good writing skills, you might have some doubts about your ability to write the book. If that’s the case, you may want to consider hiring a ‘book writer.’

A book writer is essentially someone that specializes in writing books for other people. They can help you create an amazing book, even if you aren’t a good author.

3. Printing the Book

Once your book has been written, you’ll then be at the point where you can publish it.

Some people just publish digital copies of their book, and there’s nothing wrong with this. However, some people also like to publish physical copies, and if you want to do this, you’ll need to use a book printing service.

Luckily, there are lots of companies such as that can help you with this.

When working with a book printing company, you’ll need to send them a document that contains the contents of your book. The company will then use this document to create a physical version of your novel.

Time to Start Writing a Book?

If you like the idea of writing a book, the tips in this post should help you write a novel that people will love.

It’s fair to say that books aren’t easy things to create, and so you might be intimidated by this whole process. Following this, you might feel as though you can’t get through a project like this.

However, if you just take things one chapter at a time, you should be able to finish your book, in no time at all. However, if you just take things one chapter at a time, you should be able to finish your book, in no time at all.

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