3 Signs of a Positive Work Culture for Flexible, Hybrid Teams

Employees’ satisfaction is directly proportional to the work culture of a company. Around 25% of employees see their job as the number one source of stress in their life and 25% are more likely to stay happy and energetic during their working hours with a valued and stress-free work culture. The rising popularity of remote work has affected the company culture and hybrid work environment. The work culture was very different in the pre-covid-19 situation as employees were heavily involved in teamwork and in-person interactions. However, the occurrence of the pandemic has transformed the working environment drastically. Now employees’ view has changed regarding working culture. You must be interested in knowing what energizes a positive work culture and what are its signs? This article addresses it all.

Sense of Belonging and Interaction in the Workplace

The key driver of positive work culture is developing a sense of belonging and interaction between employees. Employee experience is based on belongingness. From the year 2020, the impact of belonging has increased by 12% on employee satisfaction. Employees hold a different sense of belongings that varies at the organization level and team level. They build strong connections and collaborate with their team members immediately but not with the other departments of a company. Cross-functional employee belongingness and interaction is one of the signs that drive a positive work culture for hybrid teams as they connect with the people at the other line of the business. Setting up learning opportunities at a cross-functional level fosters more consistent belonging.

Maintaining Consistent Workflows

Another sign of positive work culture is maintaining consistent workflows as they streamline the business operations, expand the productivity level and minimize errors. Consistent workflows improve your business performance by enabling the managers to make prompt decisions and empowering the workforce to work in a productive atmosphere. Hybrid work culture is a new model for many companies to get things done. So, a consistent workflow is needed for Hybrid teams, as they will be working from different locations. Appreciation of their work is another factor that motivates them to work hard. You can gift jewelry of rare gemstones, book sets, notepads, home decor items, and many more. This kind of effort maintains a positive environment in the office.

Hybrid teams get the flexibility of customizing their workflows according to their preferences and they can work at their optimum level with consistent tech tools. To cope with the changing workforce landscape, consistent tech tools are required to accommodate the hybrid team such as Device Magic, Teamwork, Process Street, Slack, etc. Device Magic makes the workflow flexible and facilitates both mobile and web users by providing mobile and web form applications. 

A project management tool to facilitate the hybrid team is teamwork. It helps with task management, improved communication, and the allocation of multiple projects among remote employees. When working from a different location, the hybrid team may require a consistent tech tool for process documentation. The application Process Street focuses specifically on this. Now organizations want to build a consistent connection with their remote workers to monitor their visibility across different projects. Slack is the most effective communication platform for companies these days.

Empowering Management

Before building a remote international team you should know that management is the linchpin to building prospering work culture, triggering employee engagement, and encouraging an optimistic attitude. Managers are performing tough jobs and managing emerging complications even before the pandemic as the work culture continues to evolve. The cornerstone of supporting employees, pushing them ahead, and motivating them to stay productive is the managers. Thus, they should be upheld too. Investing in leadership development programs empowers managers with the abilities and confidence they need to become the best leaders. Their behavior and mindset shift towards shaping the most positive work culture.


Covid-19 and flexible workplaces have changed the perception of every employee for workplace culture. However, working culture is still a key driving element for organizations to secure a competitive edge. Employees and business consequences are directly influenced by the culture of an organization. Therefore, the managers who are inclined toward these three signs of a positive work culture will discover the knobs of future success.

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